VIDEO: Epic Photoshop Fails By Bollywood Fans!

How big a fan are you of Bollywood? Watch this hilarious video as we give you a glimpse into the world of Bollywood’s most kitschy and 'pixel-ed' lovers

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VIDEO: Epic Photoshop Fails By Bollywood Fans!
In the words of Stephen Stills “If you can't be with the one you love, honey love the one you're with” or in this case, get digitally edited with the one you have in your Pictures folder.

Across the world, there exists a breed of extreme fans who are so smitten by their demigods, that they can’t help but envision themselves with their idols in every aspect of life. They dejectedly accept the fact that it just might be impossible to meet their favourite star in this life and astrally project themselves in the only way possible - the way of the photo editing software.

From big cities to small towns in India, if you’ve ever been to fun fair or carnival, you’ll find these folks mobbing to a very iconic photo booth. A photo booth that has life-size standees and stenciled figurines of Bollywood superstars. From kids to kids in adult bodies, everyone will flock to these stalls and strike a pose in the weirdest manner possible.

These stalls though have become rarities in recent times through accessibility of computers, the internet and photo editing software that are even available on your phones. And guess what? It has now spiraled out of control. Since fandom and its insanely mutant forms of expressions have no limits, fans will do anything to get involved in a digitized la-la-land of epic proportions!

Wanna know what they look like in real life? Here are Epic Photoshop Fails By Bollywood Fans.(Check the video above)