Every single year from the month of October, the modern Indian middle class family tucks into their comfortable king size couches and delves into a madhouse after a hearty family meal. And this year, that madhouse has transformed into an even bigger, zanier and colourful place. We’re talking about every reality TV lover’s guilty pleasure, Bigg Boss.

The show has entered its tenth mammoth season. We know you feel old. Imagine, it’s been ten years since Rahul Roy sat like a monk in a remote corner and quietly watched wars being fought between other contestants. Ten years of scandalous banter, physical assaults, publicly intimate moments, kilotons of melodrama, bleeding eardrums, record numbers of migraines and one marriage later, the show is back to reign supreme in our lives.

The show’s opening launch event is one of the most watched episodes on television. Hosted by Salman Khan, the well-guarded contestants finally revealed themselves in extravagant display of music and dance. This was followed by their interaction with Bhai and their estranged welcome into the vigilant house.

While the chosen contestants, the celebs and the commoners, were exasperating enough themselves; there was a lot to learn, discern and take back home for the audiences. From the downright silly to the enlightening, we handpicked a few life lessons that we interpreted from the glam and grandeur of the opening episode.

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