VIDEO: The 10 Biker Boys Of Bollywood

Who does not like zipping through traffic on a speedy, stylish motorbike? These Bollywood stars sure do

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VIDEO: The 10 Biker Boys Of Bollywood
In a city like Mumbai, owning a car can be a headache. Be it the traffic or the parking hassles, there is more evil than good to be found in a fancy ride of four wheels.

And then there are bikes, a godsent for this crowded city.

If you own a bike you know that it easy to wiggle your way out of a traffic jam or find parking anywhere!

Secondly bikes are fun! "Travelling in a car is like watching a movie, riding a motorcycle is like starring in it” if you’ve heard this quote before you can definitely relate to it.

Now being a Bollywood celebrity is a whole different level. Buying anything under the sun is a fact! And they live by it. Vacations to exotic locations, food that will electrify your taste buds and experiences you can only imagine. Actors and actresses have it all, but there is something that we can relate with them.

Our love for adrenaline and not being stuck in Mumbai traffic! Theses 10 celebs have spent a bit extra to buy some of the best and fastest production bikes in the world. Be it Harley Davidson or BMW, the love that these celebs have for going fast is undeniable. So! Check out SpotboyE’s list of 10 Biker Boys of Bollywood!