VIDEO: Top 10 Best Bollywood Scenes Of 2016 So Far!

It was a tough decision, but here’s our list of the most unforgettable, emotional and shocking Bollywood scenes of 2016. Before we begin we have to warn you, major spoilers ahead

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VIDEO: Top 10 Best Bollywood Scenes Of 2016 So Far!

1. The Path To Freedom (Airlift) 

With an inefficient Indian Embassy and just one honest employee played by Kumud Mishra, it’s the scene where Akshay Kumar and 1,70,000 Indians encounter hostile Iraqi soldiers at the Jordanian border. An adrenaline fuelled scene that left audiences clenching their seats. A scene that was considered as the Indian equivalent of the Hollywood film Argo by audiences and critics alike.

2. Guardian Angel (Neerja) 

While Sonam Kapoor portrayed the role of braveheart Neerja Bhanot to perfection in every frame of the film, it’s the nail biting finale scene where she opens the emergency door and protects children from incoming gunfire that brought tears rolling down audiences’ cheeks.

3. One Love (Aligarh) 

Is there any role on earth the legendary Manoj Bajpai can’t pull off? The scene where he explains his sexuality, what the word love means to him and his first selfie with Rajkumar Rao is simply unforgettable. Sensitive, heartbreaking and empowering all at the same time!

4. The Big Fat Tragic Indian Family Meltdown (Kapoor & Sons)  

Just when you thought that the family has had it with enough quarrels for the next few days, Director Shakun Batra throws in the film’s biggest, meanest and most ugly family meltdown, that too at the family portrait shoot.

5. When The Tables Finally Turned! (Fan) 

After taking revenge on his god Aryan Khanna, the star reaches out to his fan’s weak spot, at his home in New Delhi. After meeting Gaurav Chandna’s family and telling them what he has been up to, Aryan Khanna starts to impersonate Gaurav at his most favourite local talent show. A scene that leads to an eventful climax.

6. Jailhouse Rap (Udta Punjab)

It’s probably the first time Shahid Kapoor gets to see his own Frankenstein monster, when he meets two former drug addicts at a jail in Punjab. The inmates explain to Shahid’s character how his music influenced them to try drugs in the first place and murder their own parents.

7. The Homecoming (Raman Raghav 2.0.) 

If you thought Bollywood could never achieve an immersive scene with spectacular dialogues like a Tarantino film? You’re dead wrong. Watch the scene when Nawazuddin Siddiqui goes to meet his own sister to ask for some food and money. A scene that brings out the worst of humanity and the best out of Nawaz Bhai.

8. Rise Of The Underdog (Sultan)

Can a former mud wrestling champ and retired Olympian make it through a single mixed martial arts fight without permanently damaging himself? For Sultan, we chose the first comeback fight scene where Salman Khan showed us that all you need is the will to fight back and one earth-shattering Dhobi Pachaad.

9. Friendzoned & How! (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) 

While SRK’s cameo and the wedding scene right after Channa Mereya were crowd favourites, we chose the scene where Anushka ultimately explains to Ranbir that it’s impossible for her to love him in a physical way and that’s the only way they should continue.

10. A No Is A No (Pink) 

While most of the court scenes and defensive arguments by Piyush Mishra were a treat to watch, it’s the final argument by Amitabh Bachchan where he explains the importance of consent which hit the bull’s-eye.

Did we miss out on any landmark scene? Let us know in the comments section about your favourite from 2016.