Akshay Kumar's First Words About The Film On Gulshan Kumar: Brilliant, Superb

Gulshan Kumar's son, T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar talks about his ambitious venture, Akshay Kumar and lots more. SEE THE VIDEO AS WELL

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Akshay Kumar's First Words About The Film On Gulshan Kumar: Brilliant, Superb

The news of the day was unarguably Bhushan Kumar making a grand announcement that he would be making a film on his (late) father Gulshan Kumar- and the role would be essayed by Akshay Kumar.

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SpotboyE.com caught up wth the music baron at his Andheri office this afternoon for a quick chat. Excerpts from the conversation that followed:

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Where did the idea of making a film on your (late) father stem from?
Many publishing houses had come forward and asked me if I wanted a book to be written on my father. While I was debating on that, it struck me that why shouldn't I put his life on celluloid?

It was an emotional topic for me alright, so I didn't discuss my thought with my mother. I didn't know how she'll take it.

Then suddenly one day, I got up and felt that I should go ahead with this film. I told my mom about it.

Go on...
I then discussed it with Vikram Malhotra, who co-produced Airlift and Baby with me. I told him that I am getting a book done on my father but would also prefer if simulataneously a film was made on him. Vikram seconded the idea, in fact he loved it. He promised to get back with some titles. I loved the title Mogul and thankfully, it was available for registration.

And then?
Next day, I was sitting with Akshay Kumar and Vikram. I happened to tell Akshay very casually about this idea which was growing inside me. There was a 30-second silence after Akshay heard this out. And then he said: Brilliant, Superb. He shared a few experiences of Vaishno Devi which quite resembled the experiences my father had. We chatted on other things for a while and then Akshay left. Later, Vikram told me that if I could see Akshay in my dad's character, he can go ahead and talk to Akshay. He said he had sensed a tremendous amount of excitement and enthusiasm in Akshay when we were talking to him about the film on my dad.  I once again discussed the film with my mother and then gave the green signal to Viukram. The very next day, Akshay was on board.

Was your mother (Mrs Sudesh Kumari) cagey about you going ahead with this film?
Yes, initially she was. She said, 'Yeh kaise hoga, is mein yeh aayega, woh aayega'- and how would we absorb it emotionally. But I convinced her.

How old were you when he passed away in tragic circumstances?
I was 19. Honestly, I don't discuss all that. It is a very emotional toppic. All I can say at this point is that I had to take up a very big responsibility and it was not easy.

Not many gave you a chance when you assumed responsibility?
I don't blame them. People were worried about their films whose rights were with me. And let's not forget, music promotion in those days was a very vital aspect for the film's success. But we performed well. We did well with Aflatoon, Dulhe raja, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya.

Not many felt until last year that you'll produce big films, and now you have 11 films this year...
Intitally, I started with a few films. I was doing just one film in two years. I tried different cinema too, but after Aashiqui 2, we went into the big league.

Have you become the largest independent producer?
I don't make such announcements. I have never said that I am the No.1 music company. I just believe in good music and good content. We don't have an IPO and we don't want to project our shares at an all-time high.

Will you be holding back on a few things from your father's life?
Not really, but I surely can't show every single day of the 20-year period of his life that the film is based on. There were many things in his life which are not yet public and I am going to bring those out.

Like for one?
He had two friends who were very close to him. That was a major chapter in his life, what he did for them and what they did for him. This nobody knows and it will form a very important part of the film.

Were those 2 friends from the industry?

What kind of memories you have of your dad?
Lots of memories. He wanted to give me everything in my life. I was driving a car when I was just 12. I asked for a Ferrari when I was 15, and he got me one.

How was that period when he started receiving threats? Must have been a difficult time...
I was not much aware of what was happening. Thoda bahut Mummy se pata chal jata tha. He kept it to mainly his ownself.

Would you say that your music sensibilities are the same as your dad's?

That is inherited. I got a very good success ratio at the beginning of my career itself.

One quality that you have imbibed from your father that helps you in your day-to-day life?
He always decided immediately. He was never apprehensive about his calls. That's the quality which I have imbibed from him and it has worked for me as well- be it at, home or be it at my office when I chose a song that went on to become a superhit.

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