VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why Aamir Khan Is The Treasure Of Indian Cinema

It’s his lust for perfection that keeps the man going and the box-office registers ringing...

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VIDEO: 10 Reasons Why Aamir Khan Is The Treasure Of Indian Cinema
We have actors. And then we have Aamir Khan. An institution in himself, Aamir Khan is not just another actor who goes and gives a nice shot in front of the camera; Aamir is someone who lives the journey of his films. Aamir’s work for his movies starts way before the action command is called on the sets and that is what makes him the most reverential actor of today.
The best part about Aamir Khan and his journey is the transformation that he not only brought in himself but in his work ethics as well. The first memories of the actor brings back the images of a man full of energy, goofiness & fun. Little did anyone know, the very same actor would turn out to be a perfectionist and become one of the most treasured actors in Bollywood in this day and age.
Aamir Khan is one actor who is not just satisfied with what happens in front of the camera, but also wants to know what's happening behind it. His involvement in a project is no less than a director’s and his preparation for his roles is nothing short of inspirational.  He delves deep into his characters to the point where he goes above and beyond his role, just to make the character look authentic to the audience.
While you can only come close to being perfect, but for Aamir, coming close doesn’t suffice! The guy is either in it to win it or just out of a project. Dangal is just another testament to his lust for perfection. 

So, check out this video to know 10 reasons why Aamir Khan is the treasure of Indian Cinema.