VIDEO: Here's A List Of 10 Bollywood Movies Based On Prostitution

It’s time to acknowledge the actors who have walked the dark territory and come out with shining performances

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VIDEO: Here's A List Of 10 Bollywood Movies Based On Prostitution
Playing a sex worker is not chalk and cheese for actors, especially when they are operating in a country like India. Let alone the stigma associated with the profession, it’s not easy to adapt the mannerism of the sex workers and there is always a worry of going over-board. However, that hasn’t deterred many Bollywood actresses from playing the roles of Prostitutes in well-acclaimed movies. Brothels, sex streets, kothas and remand homes, Bollywood has explored all and more.
The change has come in Bollywood with the advancement of our society. The audience has become more receptive to real human issues and hence the change in the cinema. Filmmakers too have started making movies on some offbeat topics rather than sticking to the popcorn entertainment. While most movies on such sensitive subjects end up being stuck at the Censor Board, the self- appointed moral compass of the society, it’s heartening to see the audiences have been going and watching the films.
Yes, the movies have strong visual representation and language, but this is as close you get to the reality. At the end of the day it’s with the actor playing the part where the onus lies. Which is why it is very important for us to encourage and laud our actors who have treaded the dangerous territory so beautifully.
Once again, the recently released teaser of Begum Jaan starring Vidya Balan has got us thinking about all the great roles of sex workers Bollywood has pulled off. 

Here's a list of such great performances to give them the due they always deserved. (Check out the video above)