VIDEO: 8 Reasons Why The Side Characters Of The Kapil Sharma Show Are The Real Stars

A lot has been said and praised repeatedly by the press and audiences about India’s biggest comedian Kapil Sharma. The recent turn of events just goes to show how one can get lost in fame and never let anyone else get their due. While not taking anything away from Kapil and his sense of humour, his side-characters are as iconic as the lead host himself

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VIDEO: 8 Reasons Why The Side Characters Of The Kapil Sharma Show Are The Real Stars
While we can start about the ongoing controversy regarding India’s biggest comedian Kapil Sharma and his exceptionally funny ensemble, let’s take a look back at one of the longest running comedy shows in the world, Saturday Night Live.

A show that has launched some of the world’s biggest and most respected emissaries, iconoclasts and superstars of comedy. A lot of times in each era from the 70s to the 2010s, several comedians from Eddie Murphy to Alec Baldwin have become bigger than the show itself. This has got them fame beyond the small screen and projected them as an envoy of humour throughout the world. But not once, has any one of them been intoxicated on stardom, massaged their egos and caused a massive divide amongst the team. The members of SNL have stuck through rough seas and have supported each other through all kinds of hard times and even the demise of comedians such as John Belushi and Chris Farley. And that’s what made them count even when they were called unfunny at times and more so today when the face of democracy slowly fades away in the US.

This is usually not the case with comedians in India. We don’t know how Kapil Sharma will undo his recent outbursts at his own team members, but hopefully things will be reconciled as one’s conscience kicks in. 

Kapil Sharma and his team have a come a long way because becoming a staple watch in times of excess content is a tough task. But Kapil’s very own handpicking of comedians and his sense of applying various characterizations to each of his actors intuitively has borne fruits in surplus quantities. The chemistry worked hand in glove, the actors enjoyed being around the whole team and there was a perfect balance between anchoring and live sketches. Nonetheless, Kapil should realize that this is nothing but team effort – from the writers to the actors and even the production. 

No man in Indian Television has ever carried a show of this scale on his own. From respecting members of the fraternity for their time to appreciating the blood, sweat and tears of his co-actors, looking at the current scenario, the funnyman has a long way to go.

It’s not just the man and his comic style that audiences roots for every single night, it’s the army of professional humorists who give side-splitting performances and antics that peppers the show with the right amount of seasoning.

Here’s a look at those 8 reasons which show that the side characters of The Kapil Sharma Show are the real stars (Check out the video above).