Inder Kumar’s Rape Case Should Stay Open, Wife Pallavi Pleads To The Court

Yesterday was the hearing of Inder Kumar's ongoing rape case. Wife Pallavi reveals EXCLUSIVELY to that she has submitted an application in the court to not shut his case and go on with the normal proceedings...

Inder Kumar lost his life a month back after suffering from cardiac arrest. The Wanted actor, was reportedly in depression due to lack of work and financial stress.

However, in an exclusive interview with us, the late actor's wife Pallavi has revealed that Inder was highly depressed with his ongoing rape case, where a 25-year-old model accused him of rape in 2014 and said he exploited her in the hopes of giving her a Bollywood break.

inder kumar passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest

Yesterday was the hearing of the same case, where Inder's wife Pallavi submitted an application in the court to not shut the case citing the actor's death. Instead, continue with the proceedings and give out the judgement.

We spoke to Pallavi and found out all the details of the hearing, her further course of action and the intensity to which this case affected Inder Kumar.

Excerpts from the conversation that followed:

What is the current status of Inder's case? 
According to the Indian law, if the accused or victim dies during the proceedings, the case gets null and void. But I know Inder was innocent and we will win the case. This is a false allegation put on him to extort money and get fame by maligning Inder’s name. That’s why I submitted an application yesterday in the court to keep the case open.

Why do you want to still go ahead with the case?
Whatever suffering Inder was going through and the only reason for him being disturbed was this case. Obviously, if someone will accuse you of such a horrible crime and you are sent behind bars because of it, anyone will get disturbed and stressed, especially when you are a celebrity, the whole world comes to know about it. So, every time he went for a hearing, he felt extremely humiliated. There was always this thought inside him that he hasn’t done anything wrong and still is suffering so much.

Media has been reporting that Inder was in depression, yes, he was but only because of this case. It affected him a lot.  

inder kumar with wife pallavi

What exactly happened at the hearing, yesterday? 
I have pleaded in the court to not close the case. I am very fortunate to have a lawyer like Mr. Ashok Sarogi who comes with an experience of 40 years and treated Inder like his son. When I asked him, ‘Sir, will this case also shut after Inder’s death’, he replied, ‘No! Who said that it will get shut? I will make sure that the girl gets punished for what she has done.’

Go on...
We were about to get the verdict in a few months and unfortunately Inder passed away before that. I am really upset that Inder will not be able to see it happen. So, we have put in an application in the court that as Inder’s wife, I will take the proceedings ahead and be present in the court on his behalf and get the verdict (justice for him). 

But what after that?
Once the judgement is out, which I am 110% sure will be in our favour, we will file a case against the girl and make sure that that she is punished.

inder kumars wife wants to make sure the girl claiming rape by inder is punished

In how much time are you expecting the verdict to come out?
It should be given in another three months maximum. It might come before 3 months as well.  

Has the court accepted your application?
I have submitted the application yesterday and I am sure the court will accept it. In fact, all this while Inder was not fighting the case, it was me who was fighting the case. I wanted the reality to come out. He was a part of it because he was involved but I was the one who was fighting for it. I have provided all proofs in his defense in the court. When he was behind the bars I made sure that I gather enough proof against the girl and I was successful in doing that.

So, from start till now it was me who was fighting for it then how can I just let go the case when it’s nearing the end. 

Image Source: facebook/inderkumar