Julie 2 Maker SHATTERED, Raai Laxmi Says 'Shouldn't Have Been Sold As A SEX Film'

“I think people expected it to be a sex film and there was no sex in it. Anything you overdo dies out na? We overdid the sex genre,” adds Raai Laxmi with her chin and head held high...

Maker of Julie 2, Deepak Shivdasani is shattered with the Box-office collections of his Raai Laxmi starrer. Julie 2 that hit cinemas on November 24, has flopped miserably at cinema halls, it did not fare as expected.

raai laxmi
Raai Laxmi

Deepak has flown off to Dubai but not before putting up a candid Facebook post. However, after an hour or two he deleted the content – maybe somebody advised him against it. But SpotboyE.com had grabbed it in time.

Read it below:  

deepak shivdasani
deepak post
Julie 2 Director Deepak Shivdasani's Post On Facebook

However, Julie 2 actress Raai Laxmi is keeping her chin up as is evident from our chat with her this evening after Shivdasani posted his failure with Julie 2.

Julie 2 has not hit the bull's eye...
Right, but...

But what?
I am not disappointed. I have taken it as a learning experience.

Where is Deepak Shivadasani?
I heard he has gone away to Dubai for a holiday before putting that post out (SEE ABOVE).

julie 2 marketing team wanted to sell it as a sex film

Were you in touch with after the film hit theatres?

What do you think went wrong with the film?
I think people expected it to be a sex film and there was no sex in it. It was largely advertised in that manner. Remember the first teaser?

Yeah, that was quite a tease, where you drop clothes in front of a producer. Maybe it also had the hangover of Neha Dhupia's Julie which had lots of sex and steam....

people expected lot of sex in julie 2

Why didn't you tell Shivdasani that he shouldn't be selling it as a sex film?
In fact, I did--- but he was driven by his marketing team which had all those ideas. Moreover, if you see, I never said anything in my promotional interviews that suggested that the film was laden with sex. Also... (pauses)

I think the critics were a bit too harsh to the film. The film's reviews seemed like a personal vendetta. And... (pauses)

And what?
The makers had a trough time to release the film. First, they had a case against them over the film's title. Then, the release dates was shifted more than once. Besides there were certain portions which were shot about one-and-half year ago and they looked different than the ones which were shot in the recent past. Aajkal sabkuch itna jaldi badal jaata hai that you can't delay the film and yet expect all of it to look in sync and continuity.

sex genre is over we have overdone it

Where do you go from here?
I remain very much in Mumbai, and am on the verge of signing my next Bollywood film. Aisa toh bahut logon ke saath hota hai ki picture nahi chalti hai. We shouldn't make as big deal of Julie 2.

Will you work with Shivdasani again?
If he comes up with a script which looks fresh and has a team which has the correct mix of experience and youth, why not? Shivdasani's team had a few people, who were included out of favour. 

my performance got its share of praise from critics

Do you also think that the sex genre in Bollywood films is over?
Anything you overdo dies out na? We unarguably overdid the sex genre.

Anyway, all said and done, I strongly feel that Julie 2 has been a decent start for me in B-town. I must thank the critics for praising my performance in Julie 2 and FYI, I just learnt that shows have been increased in Mumbai (Chembur), Malaysia and Australia. Any other newcomer may not have been able to pull off as much as I did in Julie 2. It's not easy out here.

Image Source: Instagram/iamraailaxmi