Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up On Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi Link-Up, Jiah Khan's Death, Career Struggle And Satellite Shankar- EXCLUSIVE

Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi link-up, Jiah Khan's mysterious death, tough times in his career and LOTS MORE. Here's Sooraj Pancholi UNCUT

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Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up On Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi Link-Up, Jiah Khan's Death, Career Struggle And Satellite Shankar- EXCLUSIVE
After debuting with the film Hero in 2015, Sooraj Pancholi took a hiatus as his personal life issues overshadowed his career. His court case post ex-girlfriend Jiah Khan’s death led to the actor’s film career taking a dip. But now, he bounces back with a film called Satellite Shankar.

Ahead of its big screen release on Nov 8, we spoke to Sooraj about everything under the sun. From his long break, his court case, his father’s link-up with Kangana Ranaut to his rapport with Salman Khan, the actor addressed everything with his chin up.

Here are the excerpts:

Your maiden film Hero happened in 2015. What  has taken you so long to return to the big screen?
I was offered a lot of films that time, but I didn’t get the right feel. I didn't feel motivated enough. Also, I needed some Me Time to myself because of my personal issues. If I had invested my time then in work, I think I wouldn’t have been able to give my 100%. So, it's okay.

You were rattled (by Jiah's sudden death)?
Of course, I was disturbed, rattled, upset, confused. So, I wanted to first fix myself up as a person. I just wanted to feel happy.

What made you think that you are ready for Satellite Shankar?
I had been in touch with Irfan Kamal (Satellite Shankar Director) for a long time. We wanted to do a film together and things didn’t work out until he narrated me the story of Satellite Shankar. He came to my house and gave me a narration, it was a story that made me emotional. If some other actor would have done it instead of me, I would have felt very bad.           


The tag-line of the film says ‘Not All Heroes Go To The Battlefield’. So where do they go? Where do you go in this movie?
The tag-line is because this isn’t a war film. It’s just about this boy’s journey and his wants are very basic. In the film, Shankar only wants to meet his mother. So, it’s about his journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by road. So, I knew that I would get to see India. And I like challenges. I didn’t want to come back with an easy film where there is no passion. I did this because it’s a very humane film. It’s not about only a soldier, it’s about a boy who wants to meet his mother and a boy who wants to keep up his promise to his boss.

Was the shoot difficult?
Yes, it was very tough. It was 95% an outdoor shoot. We shot at real locations. We had to shoot in tough weather conditions. The whole experience has made me more grounded. I’ve seen the real India while shooting this film.

Speaking of the Jiah Khan death case, it continues to hang on you. Does it bother you at times?
See, there isn’t a day when I don’t think about it because I want it to end. I’m feeling very helpless because I can’t do anything about it. Also, none of the allegations against me have been proven. So, whatever has been written against me is false. It’s just that I have been quiet. I have stayed mum because I want the court to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t want to pass out a judgment saying ‘Oh, I’m innocent.’

But you're talking now...
Now, I have to speak out because it has been too long. I just want to say that I want this to end. It’s been 7 years and no one is taking any action.


Do you think this case made filmmakers refrain from signing you?
Of course, film studios are hesitant because there’s a lot of money that goes in making a film. And if I was in their place, I would think in the same manner. But, what has happened is not in my control at all. Because the people who have put charges on me and accused me are not showing up in court. That itself is an answer. 

Why are they scared to stand in the witness box despite the fact that the accused does not have to speak in the witness box till the end? 

I don’t have to prove myself innocent. They have to prove me guilty which I don’t think they can. So, they are not showing up in court. This is just pure harassment.

Has this entire situation taken a toll on your mother?
It’s still very heavy. We haven’t sat down together and laughed on the dinner table in a long time. It has left a bad taste in the mouth and we all want it to end. We are helpless because we can’t do anything about it. All I can do right now is pray that this ends fairly.
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You have undergone a lot even when you were growing up, the differences between your parents, his link-up with Kangana. At home, how was it and how would you describe your childhood?
No, that was their own issue. I don't get into that. I have spent most of my time with my grandparents. I think that was a personal matter between my parents and they have sorted it out. And everyone goes through ups and downs. I'm not too happy about the things that have happened but it’s their life.

Would you say that your mother has been your greatest pillar of strength?
Definitely, for the entire family.. My father knows that too. And, though he is tall, well-built and aggressive, my mother is still stronger than him.

Coming to the word ‘Aggressive’, do you have conversations with your father asking him to tone down?
I agree I haven’t expressed it, but he knows because maybe the way I look at him sometimes, he understands. Honestly, he is not a diplomatic person at all. If you mess with him the wrong way, he will react. He will not keep his feelings inside. So that’s what makes him different from the rest. He wouldn’t get angry for no reason.

Do you think your father is always right?
No, I don’t think he is always right. Definitely not! But if you instigate or push him, he will react.


Your love affair with Brazilian model Larrisa Bonesi is being written about a lot, of late…
Larrisa is a good friend of mine and that’s about it. You can ask her as well. Also, I don’t think people need to know what’s happening in my personal life. At the end of the day, I’m a human. Just the way I don’t go around asking people what they are doing in their personal lives, I don’t think they need to know what’s happening in mine.

Maybe you don't want to admit to your love life with Larissa on camera...
Maybe (smiles).

Coming back to Satellite Shankar, were there days when you got hurt since it is shot largely outdoors?
No, this film was a fun ride. See, I have been an assistant director before with Bhansali and Kabir Khan. So I have worked at the ground level. Working with Bhansali and Kabir is not an easy job. They are tough directors to work with. So I used my expertise to maneuver my way without getting hurt. .

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Were there days with Kabir and Bhansali when you got scolded?
Too many times! But I’m happy that they shouted at me because I’ve learnt---.because that’s how you learn. Also, I was just an employee working under them, so they have all the right to correct me.

Knowing Bhansali, can I safely assume that he scolded you more than Kabir?
Yes (Laughs). I also live Bhansali's building so he has actually seen me grow up, so he is my teacher, my guru. No issues on that (smiles).

Do you ever go and tell your father and ask him to approach certain directors or producers for you?
No, Never! I have done everything myself because I don’t think it’s his responsibility. I don’t know about his personal life with my mother but he’s been a good father because he’s provided us everything and he’s been there for my sister and me.

sooraj pancholi interview

You have another film coming up called Time to Dance. Tell us about it?
Yes, I have only 7 days of shoot left on that.

Did you have to go through the grind to become a dancer for this film or you knew dancing before?
Well, I had to go through the grind. I like dancing but I was very shy as a child. I was not an outgoing dancer or a performer--- but now I have gotten much better.

Coming back to your upcoming release, why is the film called Satellite Shankar?
They call him Satellite because a satellite connects the world together. So Shankar’s character is connecting dots on the way to meet his mother and then and back to his base. So it’s all about connections and hence the name, Satellite Shankar.

The interview will be incomplete without asking you if you are in touch with Salman Khan, who launched you in Hero
Yes, I am. He tweeted for Satellite Shankar. I gave him a tight hug and he is really happy that I chose a film like this.

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