Sanju Trailer: Ranbir Kapoor Wows Us With An Award-Winning Performance!

Makers of Sanju released the trailer of the biopic a while ago and we bet, Ranbir Kapoor's performance will ensure that you do not look away from the screen

The makers of Sanju have just dropped the trailer online, and it has many revelations for all Baba fans. The 3-minute-4-second trailer sees Ranbir Kapoor (playing Sanjay Dutt) at various stages in his life -- right from the start of his career till now.

The trailer has Ranbir mouthing impactful dialogues. Take this for instance -- “Main bevda hu... tharki hu, drug addict hun... lekin terrorist nahi hun."

Watch the trailer below:

Talking about the Sanju teaser it showcased the actor abusing drugs to an extent that his lungs gave up at the age of 22 to building Bollywood’s most enviable physique; from flying around in charter planes to begging on the streets to be able to afford a bus ticket; and from staying in luxurious hotels in New York with views of the great American skyline, to serving time in a tiny cell at Yerwada jail.

We can't wait for the film. Can you?

Images Source: youtube/foxstarhindi