‘Sanjay Dutt Wants To Do My Kanyadaan’: Ameesha Patel Opens Up About Her Bond With The Actor

Ameesha Patel has now opened up about her bond with Sanjay Dutt and how he wants her to get settled in life

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‘Sanjay Dutt Wants To Do My Kanyadaan’: Ameesha Patel Opens Up About Her Bond With The Actor
Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel is currently over the moon enjoying the blockbuster success of her recent release Gadar 2. Over the past few weeks, she has been in constant headlines for her shocking revelations and bold claims. Now she has opened up about the bond she shares with actor Sanjay Dutt and how he wants her to settle in life. She expressed how he is always trying to find her a good match.

In an interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan, on his YouTube Channel, Ameesha, who has worked with Dutt in the movie Tathastu (2006), shared that he is like a family to her. She recalled that he always tells her how good she is for the entertainment industry, adding how he is trying to remove her from the industry. She says, “Ameesha you are too good for this industry, mein nikal de raha hu tujh ko. You are too simple, you are too naive, tu chal mein shaadi karvata hu teri’.” ALSO READ: Ameesha Patel On Hrithik Roshan's Low Phase After KNPH Success, Says People Started Calling Him A One-Hit Wonder

The 47-year-old actress goes on to explain that over the last two decades he has always been trying to hook her up and find her a good match. She adds how he sees her as a kid and tells everyone that the way to her heart is by giving her toys. She revealed that seh has met many guys because of the actor, however she rejects them. She adds, “Sanju always says, ‘Jab teri shaadi hogi na kanyadaan mein karunga and I will be very happy when you get married. Your kids will play with my kids.’ He is like one of those guys.” ALSO READ: Vikram Bhatt’s SHOCKING Revelations About Ex-Girlfriend Ameesha Patel Resurfaces; Director Says, ‘She Saw Other Girls Taking Her Over’

Talking about Gadar 2, it is a sequel to the blockbuster hit Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001). A partition drama that follows the journey of Tara Singh who falls in love with a Pakistani Muslim girl Sakina. After they get married and have a kid, Sakina is forced to go to her country by her father, leaving her family behind. The father-son duo then go to Pakistan to rescue her. The sequel focuses more on the father-son relationship between Sunny and Utkarsh Sharma. Released on August 11th, 2023, the movie is directed and produced by Anil Sharma. 
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