'Will Destroy You & Your Family', Troll Threatens Uday Chopra; Actor Reacts...

Uday Chopra received a threatening message by a troll on one of his philosophical Instagram posts. Read on to know what happened next...

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'Will Destroy You & Your Family', Troll Threatens Uday Chopra; Actor Reacts...
Uday Chopra may have been away from Bollywood since a long time, but the actor makes sure to keep his social media presence felt. He opens up about various socially relevant topics on his Instagram page. One of the most recent ones was this: 

While it was a message with a deep thought, some religiously fanatic people got offended by it. Despite many who came in support of Uday, there was one xenophobic person who threatened the actor for destroying his family, making them financially broke and cursing them for lifetime.

A few of the lines read as, “I will make it my life mission to make his entire family go broke...For the love of your own financial security, change your tone, otherwise I will personally ensure your insults for those who pray, bring down your entire family’s the riches and capital...So grow up before I show up at your doorstep and tell your mom how you are offending those who pray... (sic)”

Of course, Uday took notice of it, since it was an elaborate message written in a very offending tone. The next thing Uday did was, posting the troll’s message on his Instagram with a message, “Ha! I just got threatened on instagram for having a different POV (sic)." 

Not just that he even blocked that troll. 

Well, trolls can be very nasty at times and it’s not always possible to ignore them. Looks like Uday also lost his patience this time round and thought of embarrassing the troll for his shameful act.

Image Source: instagram/udayfc