Accused Of Assaulting Neeru Randhawa, Armaan Kohli Finally Nabbed By Police

Armaan Kohli may go behind bars any moment. The police have swooped down on him at a farmhouse in Lonavla...

Armaan Kohli's cat and mouse game with the cops is over. The man who beat up his live-in girlfriend Neeru Randhawa black and blue, has been picked up by the police.

As you read this, he is being questioned by a fleet of cops.

Neeru Randhawa
Neeru Randhawa brings this breaking news to you FIRST.

Armaan was hiding in a friend Baba's farmhouse in Lonavla. Baba has a big spacious bungalow in Juhu.

Armaan Kohli
Armaan Kohli

It may be recalled that Armaan's father had claimed he does not where his son is, when the police had visited his Santacruz home soon after the horrifying incident. We called him a few minutes ago but he did not take our call. Neeru said that she is unaware that he has been apprehended.

Image Source:- Instagram/@armaankohliofficial,eventznu