Aditya Seal On Fulfilling His Father’s Dream Through Acting: ‘It’s Been My Only Aim’-EXCLUSIVE

Close to his dad’s first death anniversary, Aditya Seal remembers his contribution towards his career and talks about fulfilling his father’s dreams through his work

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Aditya Seal On Fulfilling His Father’s Dream Through Acting: ‘It’s Been My Only Aim’-EXCLUSIVE
Aditya Seal made his acting debut at the mere age of 14 opposite Manisha Koirala in the 2002 film Ek Chhotisi Love Story. Since then, he has been working in the film industry. But it wasn’t his idea to get into the acting field. His father had produced and acted in a Garhwali film and it was his dream and ambition that pushed Aditya towards acting.

Last year, the actor faced a tragedy when his father succumbed to Covid-19 and passed away. It’s his first death anniversary in a few days and being close to his father as he was, Aditya misses him dearly each and every day. Ask the actor how does it feel to carry forward his dream and ambitions through his work, and an emotional Aditya says, “It’s been my only aim.”

He goes on to share how it was his father who showed him the way towards films. “To be honest, being an actor was never something that I had thought of. I wanted to be a cricketer and I used to play. But I had an injury due to which I had to give up playing. Then, it was my father who held my hand and he showed me and opened the door of acting for me. He told me to walk through it if I liked it and we walked through it together,” he smiles.

As a dedicated father, Aditya’s dad helped him at each and every step of the way and the actor can’t be more thankful. “He took me to auditions and everywhere. He made me do things that I am here for. He made me do my action training, and go to South Korea and Thailand. He made me meet a lot of people who helped me in my dancing and he also made me do my acting classes. I have just put in the number of hours that I had to, but the brain child was his. So, it’s been absolutely him. Nothing is me, it’s just him,” he says emotionally.