After Kareena Kapoor, Is Suhana Khan The Next Pout Queen?

Shah Rukh Khan’s baby girl Suhana’s latest picture is here and it is bound to set tongues wagging...

 Is Kareena Kapoor going to face stiff competition from the youngster?

It is well-known that Suhana wants to become an actress. Talking about her career plan, Shah Rukh Khan had once said, “Suhana has expressed her desire to become an actor, but she needs to complete her education first. I have often told her that she will have to work five times harder than me, get paid 10 times lesser than I do and will require a lot of patience and perseverance to be successful.”

He added, “My daughter has this [love for acting] and I know that for a fact. She really wants to act and also understands the world [of acting]. She will be a good actor, but I don’t know when it [film debut] will happen. They [his kids] should hone their craft and then whenever they want to or wish to [make their debuts].”

Thumbnail Image Source: Instagram/future.bollywood