Akshay Kumar’s Video With Daughter Nitara Gets Trolled, Here’s Why

Nitara, Akshay Kumar’s daughter turns 5 today and the superstar posted a video with his daughter where she was seen helping him shave his beard. But Akshay was blasted with rude comments by social media users for wasting water

Akshay Kumar posted an adorable video with his daughter Nitara where she is cutely seen shaving Akshay Kumar’s beard.

Akshay shared the video on his social media account with a caption, “My favourite part of every day...my daughter shaving me at the sink, precious times, priceless moments! Happy Birthday my Princess 👑 One request, please don't grow up sweetheart 💖 (sic)."

However, one can hear the sound of water constantly flowing in the background. Now, this has irked many on social media and soon Akshay got trolled for wasting water.

Check out a few comments:

A user slammed Akshay and said, “Tap is running in the background....what about your social propoganda's ....wastage of fresh water ?? (sic).”

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Akshay Kumar Trolled

“Please turn off tap, when shaving and brushing Akshay sir (sic),” said a troll.
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Akshay Kumar Trolled For Wasting Water

A user wrote, “#savewater💧 (sic).”
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Akshay Kumar Had Put Up An Adorable Video With His Daughter

“Its so cute but dear @akshaykumar "plz don't waste water" u r my ideal,” stated another user.
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Fans Slammed Akshay Kumar For Wasting Water

Another troll said, “@akshaykumar bhiya paani band karo 😁😁 happie bday doll 🎂🎂🎂🎂(sic)”
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Fans Post Nasty Comments For Akshay Kumar

“Pls. Save water,” slammed a user.
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Khiladi Kumar Slammed For Wasting Water

While another user wrote, “Please turn off the tap..!! Water is also precious @akshaykumar (sic).”
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Akshay Kumar Shared A Cute Video With His Daughter Nitara

“Please close the water tap while applying the shaving cream. Save water, save life. Happy birthday to your daughter 🎂🙂 (sic),” said another user.
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Akshay Kumar's Daughter Nitara Turns 5 Today

comment 9

Akshay Kumar 's Instagram Was Flooded With Negative Comments

One more troll added, “It's the best moment for a dad...but tap toh band kijiye ... It's also imp to save water.”
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Akhay Kumar Trolled For Wasting Water By His Fans

“I'm your big fan but save water sir.. Tap is on Mr. Deshbhakt.. (sic),” said the user.
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Akshay Kumar Trolled Mercilessly

Interestingly, a few months back, Senior actor Anil Kapoor was also trolled mercilessly for wasting water while shaving.

Image Source: instagram.com/akshaykumarfc