Ali Zafar & Humaima Malick Trolled For Defending Mahira Khan

Yesterday, Ali Zafar posted an open letter defending Mahira Khan for her pictures and Humima Malick too supported the actress. This didn’t go well with a few social media users and they backlashed Ali Zafar and Humima for defending Mahira...

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Ali Zafar & Humaima Malick Trolled For Defending Mahira Khan

A couple of days ago, we told you that Mahira Khan was trolled mercilessly for her pictures where she was seen smoking and wearing a revealing dress with Ranbir Kapoor. Yesterday, Ali Zafar wrote and open letter where he rendered his support to Mahira and said that women are free to make choices. 

Even Raja Natwarlal actress, Humaima Malik joined Ali Zafar and defended her. Humaima shared a tweeted, “Ok so now you can't date anyone, can't smoke , can't go out , can't wear what you want to just because you are a celebrity wah yar had hai (sic).”

"More power to all artist and girl every @TheMahiraKhan live your life your way," she said in her second tweet.

No sooner she posted the tweet, she garnered a backlash from all her fans.

Check out a few tweets:

“Yes ... you're not just a celebrity ... you represents our Islam , our country , our culture to the world.. (sic),” said a user.

Some even labelled her 'jealous'.

A user stated since Humaima is a Muslim, she should refrian from supporting Mahira in her bad deeds.

"Celebrities are role models for kids these days (alas!) so it is totally unacceptable. Period," read another post.

Another user said, "You are right..But having worldwide fan following she is a representer of Pak & its culture..She needs to b a little bit careful."

 “O jahil insan celebrity tmhe isi mulk pakistan ne banaya ha. Jis ko tm badnam krhe ho agr apni marzi ki zindgi guzarni th to celebrity q bny (sic),” read a post.

Another user stated that Mahira has forgotten her roots.

A user opined that Mahira needs to have a cultural touch as she represents Pakistan.

Another user stated, “Coz MAM whenever we go in this worldwe represent our pakistan our identity..she is a mother also..kam ko kam samjh k krna is ok (sic).”

A user mentioned, “I totally what you just said but if you are muslim and do those things then that's really not acceptable.”

As we told you, even Ali Zafar was slammed for supporting Mahira. Check out a few comments.

your_girl_online@ali_zafar said, “Dude you are so WRONG in this. You have no idea! You are basically calling out your own people on their judgments and OPINIONS and their mentality WITHOUT REMEMBERING THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE THE SAME FUCKING ONES WHO MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE TODAY. If us Pakistanis had not supported you and given you the RESPECT you have today. You would have been just another ali zafar struggling TO PAY HIS BILLS.”

Another user accused Ali Zafar if degrading Pakistan

ali zafar trolled

Ali Zafar trolled

A user asked Ali to fear the Lord and the Day Of Judgement.
ali zafar trolled 3

Ali Zafar trolled

Someone advised Ali to support silently and not be vocal about it.
ali zafar trolled 4

Ali Zafar  trolled

A user offered a piece of advice for Ali.
ali zafar trolled 5

Ali Zafar trolled

Another user asked him to stop supporting the wrong.
ali zafar trolled 6

Ali Zafar  trolled

A user opined that posts like these encourage the actresses to do wrong things.
ali zafar trolled 7

Ali Zafar trolled

Someone criticised the post but praised Ali’s handwriting.
ali zafar trolled 8

Ali Zafar trolled

Another user labelled Ali a pervert.
ali zafar trolled 9

Fans troll Ali Zafar

preety_tanzeela@ali_zafar said, “Shame on you ali zafar support tab karo jab wo acha kaam kare ese kaam krne par support kroge to aj 1 h kal muslim sab ki behne esa krnge think about it quran m ye nahi likha ghalat logo ko support kro lekin ghalat kamo s door rkhoooo all mad stupid people out there jo smjhte he isko support krna chaihye shameee (sic).”
ali zafar trolled 10

Ali Zafar trolled

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