Alia Bhatt Hides From The Media. Ranbir Kapoor To Blame?

Alia Bhatt was spotted a while ago walking out of her gym in Juhu. While she was looking immaculate as always, she tried to hide herself from the paparazzi. We wonder why? Are questions about beau Ranbir Kapoor pushing her to try and shy away from the media?

Alia Bhatt is back from Bulgaria after an extended shoot of Brahmastra. Apart from the movie, it's the news about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Neither of them shied away from commenting about the budding love affair. But when we spotted Alia a while back outside her gym in Juhu, she somehow tried to duck the cameras.



Alia, who was sporting an army-printed jacket, pulled it up to cover her face as soon as she saw the paparazzi. Was she afraid that she will be asked about Ranbir?

Well, only Alia might be able to answer that.

However, soon enough, as the photogs started screaming her name, Alia lowered the jacket and out came her million dollar smile.


Alia was glowing and blushing as she posed for the cameras. 


Talking about her Bulgaria trip, Alia was spotted all over the place with her team from Brahmastra. Ranbir had been clicking her pics quite often, and the two were seen spending a lot of time together.

Even this morning, a pic of Ranbir and Alia having food with a group of friends surfaced on social media. Ranbir's arm placed around Alia said a lot about their growing relationship.


 Speaking of the film, Brahmastra is having a great buzz on social media. The movie definitely is looking larger than life and Ranbir and Alia's pairing is also a big draw for the audiences. Also starring Amitabh Bachchan and Nagarjuna in important roles, Brahmastra is set to hit theatres on Independence Day next year. This would be the first in a 3-part franchise.

And as for today's pics, we wonder why she chose to hide herself. Are the constant questions about her affair with Ranbir pushing her to shy away from the media?