Anil Kapoor Is NOT Playing Salman Khan’s FATHER In Race 3

Wrong news about Anil Kapoor playing Salman Khan’s father in Ramesh Taurani’s upcoming thriller, Race 3 has gone viral. spoke to the filmmaker to find out what’s the truth...

This morning we woke up to a headline which said, ‘Anil Kapoor will play father to Salman Khan in Race 3’.

BUT it didn’t sink in our system too well- Anil and Salman’s father? Nah!

And that’s why we chose to hear it from the horse’s mouth and contacted Race 3 filmmaker, Ramesh Taurani to know the truth.

The producer confirmed what we had already sensed. He said, “Anil is NOT playing Salman’s father in the film.” (With a bit of agitation in his voice)

anil salman and ramesh

Anil  Kapoor Salman Khan And Ramesh Taurani

It seems like the wrong news, which has already gone viral on Internet, has left the filmmaker irritated.

Our next obvious question was- if not father then what is Anil Kapoor’s role in the film?

To which Taurani added, “He is playing the head of the family...”

salman ramesh and anil
Salman Khan Ramesh Taurani And Anil Kapoor

So, are all characters related to each other? What does ‘head of the family’ exactly mean?

“Let that be a mystery. Will tell in due course of time.” said the producer.

So, for all those who were wondering how Anil Kapoor would play Salman Khan’s father in a film...That’s that!


Image Source: Instagram/salmankhanupdates