Anushka Sharma Shoots Down Virat Kohli And The Obedient Husband Dies!

Here’s a fun video of star couple- Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, which is taking netizens on a laugh riot

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Anushka Sharma Shoots Down Virat Kohli And The Obedient Husband Dies!
Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are not much into PDA but surely make for a fun couple. Now, we have all seen an aggressive Indian cricket team captain but when Virat is off the field, the man can be a extremely amusing as well. Don’t believe us?

Watch this video below, where Virat and Anushka are having a ball with some laser shooting game. While Anushka is targeting hubby with precision, Virat is sweet enough to oblige his wife and die at her hands.

Aren’t they just too cute? Virat and Anushka often set couple goals with their adorable acts. Even their commercials together are not the typical lovey-dovey ones but have a pinch of wittiness in it. Remember their last ad for a steel brand, where a super candid Anushka is seen teasing Virat by saying there is nothing special in their relationship; of course, later they reveal their true feelings. Virat had shared the ad with his fans and had written, “Was a joy shooting for this, #PureFun! Check out the new Shyam Steel ad for their TMT bars made from #PureSteel.”

In the ad, Virat is seen telling the camera, “Everyone asks us what is special about out love,” “Nothing,” Anushka says as she cuts him off and then ads, “Just pure love.” While the other ad for the same brand sees Anushka and Virat going through their photo album and recollecting the memories of their first and match and first film. Watch the video above.

Image Source:Twitter/Anushkanews