Anushka Sharma Will Discard 'Copied' Designs From Her Clothing Line Nush

An official statement issued by Anushka Sharma’s clothing label Nush states that the brand will take serious action against the Chinese cloth manufacturer. Moreover, the copied designs will be discarded from the range.

Social media users have been accusing Anushka Sharma’s clothing label Nush of copying designs.

Earlier in the day carried a story asking if Anushka Sharma was really to blame
The actress, no doubt, has a pivotal role in setting up the brand but the fact is that she might have only given her inputs to the designs presented to her by the brand’s styling team. It’s primarily a stylists’ job to venture deep into the markets and prepare a catalogue for the brand.

anushka sharma s colthing line nush
Anushka Sharma Wearing Nush

Now Anushka's business partner has reacted. The statement released reads:

"We have just got to know about the discrepancies in some designs of our brand NUSH and we are taking strict action about the same. Our process at Suditi industries was that the entire responsibility of designing and procuring samples was at our end and we have recently realised that some of our procured designs from the Chinese manufacturer were being available elsewhere too. This not only is a serious design and procurement process lapse from our design and procurement team but also a breach of trust by the manufacturing company in china with us. We are taking serious actions, internally and externally, against this breach of faith.

Anushka Sharma At The Launch Of Her Clothing Line Nush

As we have realised now, few of the design that we bought from the manufacturer was further produced and sold on a Chinese website. This is a clear breach of business practice implemented by this manufacturer and we are determined to take this up with our business agents.

We would also like to mention that some of the designs highlighted just have commonalities with prevelant fashion trends and are not copies as mentioned. So We along with our partner Ms. Anushka Sharma are also ensuring that these specific designs are not put on floor and will discard this out from our range.

anushka sharmas nush design
Anushka Sharma At The Launch Of Her Clothing Line Nush

We would also like to take this opportunity to mention and clarify that our business partner Ms. Anushka Sharma was never part of our designing and procuring process. She was only involved in advising us on the styles that could go on the floor based on her personal style and sensibility for which she had dedicated a lot of her time and effort. We pride ourselves in partnering with someone known for her credibility, honesty and values she brings to the table as part of her imagery and more. We are committed to bringing the best of designs, at the best prices to the Indian consumers.”

Image Source: Manav Manglani & lifecrust