Chehre Actress Krystle D’souza On Making A Switch From TV To Films: 'In My Heart, I Knew I Was Ready To Take The Plunge'- EXCLUSIVE

Krystle D’souza, who made her big screen debut last Friday with the Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi-starrer Chehre, reveals why she didn’t do TV for the last three years and if she faced any unfair demands in Bollywood

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Chehre Actress Krystle D’souza On Making A Switch From TV To Films: 'In My Heart, I Knew I Was Ready To Take The Plunge'- EXCLUSIVE
Last Friday, actress Krystle D’souza made her transition from TV to films with the Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi-starrer Chehre. The film became the second film to release theatrically after the second wave of COVID-19 in India and has been received well by the critics and audiences alike.

Krystle had earlier spoken about how her journey from TV to films hadn’t been easy and she had to face a lot of rejections before getting her first big break. A lot of TV stars who make this transition face similar treatment and sometimes even have to deal with unfair demands from the filmmakers. Earlier this year, Radhika Madan had spoken about her experience too. Ask Krystle if she has faced any such demands while making the switch and she replies in the negative. “Thankfully, I have been blessed with such good people that I never faced anything as such.”

The actress insists that she just believes in going to auditions and giving her best. “Whatever auditions I get, I go for them. Some click and some don’t but I only believe in auditions. I believe in showing what I can give as my talent; you like it, you take it, you don’t like it for your own reasons, that’s also fair enough. Now, I understand from a director and producer’s point of view and if I don’t fit the role, no matter how good I act, it’s not going to work out. I feel you have to have an unbiased opinion and thankfully nothing bad has happened to me and I have met only great people in my life,” she says.

It’s been three years since Krystle was last seen in a leading role for a TV show. Her last show was Colors’ Belan Wali Bahu. Mention that to her and Krystle shares, “I knew I wanted to make the plunge and I was ready for it. So, I reduced working on TV, not because I look down at TV, but just because once you sign a TV show, you don’t know when will it end. You won’t get the time to do a film or anything else in the midst of that. So, I would have had to wait for another two-three years to do films but in my heart, I knew I was ready to take the plunge. Thus, I haven’t done TV in the last three-four years.”

However, Krystle did do an OTT show, Fittrat, and she has her explanation for that. “I did an OTT show after that as I felt it would be a stepping stone for me. Also, I knew that an OTT show would have a 40-day schedule, so if I sign anything else meanwhile, I could take it up. I did refrain from doing TV but only because I knew that if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to do this for a while, something that I had dreamt for myself,” she concludes.  

Image source: SpotboyE archives, Instagram/krystledsouza