Hello Frands! This Mash-Up Featuring Salman Khan & ‘Chai Pee Lo’ Aunty Is ROFL Goals

Grab a garam chai ki pyali, plug in your earphones and watch this sensational video featuring Salman Khan and ‘Chai Pee Lo’ aunty on loop. Scroll down for kicks...

Move over Priya Prakash Warrior and the Dancing Uncle – there’s a brand new internet sensation in town! It’s Somvati Mahawar, popularly known as, Chai Pee Lo aunty.

In today’s crazy times where your ability to wink, or even dance at weddings can make you instantly famous, a new low (or high, considering how you look at it) has been reached where a social media invitation to have tea can make you a social media star.

A mash-up featuring Bhaijaan and Chai Pee Lo aunty has surfaced online and is going viral at the speed of light. Watch it below:

Ms Mahawar’s ‘Chai Pee Lo’ videos have evoked hilarious responses from social media users, many make their own renditions. Check out comedienne Mallika Dua’s take on Chai Pee Lo below...

Here are some more that are absolute internet gold

Image Source: twitter/tigerkizoya