Hey Trump, Priyanka Chopra Thinks That Beyoncé Can Be The Next President

The Quantico actress appeared on Watch What's Happens Live, hosted by Andy Cohen along with scandal actor Tony Goldwyn and won our hearts, yet again

There is no stopping Priyanka Chopra. The Bollywood actress who is tasting immense success as Alex Parrish in American series, Quantico, appeared on yet another chat show -- Watch What's Happens Live, hosted by Andy Cohen, yesterday. For those who came in late, a few days ago she was seen weaving magic on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (‘India Drinks A LOT!’ Says Priyanka Chopra On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Oct 26).

Dressed in a black number with her hair curled, Priyanka looked every bit of a diva. Accompanying her was Scandal star Tony Goldwyn. The conversation started off with the discussion of the day, and no prizes for guessing that it was about the newly elected US President – Donald Trump. Andy, through a poll, goes on to ask the viewers that who according to them will make for the best female President. Options were Beyoncé, Britney, Cher, Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Mariah. When Andy asked Priyanka and Tony as to whom would they pick, they instantly say, Beyoncé! Yes, both actors feel that she can rule the world.

You have heard it Mr Trump! The evening progressed with ample laugh-out-loud moments. Andy even played a game of ‘Never Have I Ever Whatsoever’, which lead to Priyanka revealing that she has said no to a project because she didn’t like the actor opposite her. Priyanka was also left embarrassed when she was shown 4 sequences from her films in the past. Interestingly, all the 4 clips featured Akshay Kumar, who is rumoured to be a former flame. We couldn’t help but notice that the Gangaajal actor remained calm through all of it.

We are waiting for the next chat show, Priyanka.

Thubmnail Image Source: akns-images, theSpainPix & nbcnews