Internet Is Disgusted That Salman Khan Forced A Little Kid To Hug Jacqueline Fernandez

Salman Khan went to promote Race 3 on Dance Deewane, and an incident during the shoot of the show hasn't gone down that well with a section of social media users. Watch the video below...

Salman Khan is busy promoting his upcoming flick Race 3 these days. He has been going to various TV shows to promote the film and latest among them is Dance Deewane. As Salman's style goes, he always makes sure to interact with the audiences and the contestants on the show when he is on sets. He did the same this time also.

It so happened that a little contestant was asked for a hug by Salman's co-star Jacqueline Fernandez, and the little boy refused point blank. Salman couldn't take this fact as to how a boy could say no to hugging Jacqueline.

So, what did Salman do? Watch the video right below and you will know:

 Well, Salman took Jacqueline to the stage and, in a way, and all in good fun, asked the little boy to hug Jacqueline.

This fact didn't go down that well with fans on social media as they took to the Internet to school some sense of "consent." Here's what people are saying...


Image Source: instagram/jacquelinefernandez