Kaabil Director Sanjay Gupta Takes A Dig At Shah Rukh Khan & Chickens Out

Last night, Sanjay Gupta made an indirect sly remark at Shah Rukh Khan and later this morning had second thoughts about it! Check out what exactly happened...

We all are aware of the famous 2017 BO clash - Shah Rukh Khan's Raees and Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil battling it out at the box-office on Republic Day. You may recall that the distribution of shows in multiplexes between these two films changed overnight from 50-50 to 60-40 (Raees getting more shows than Kaabil) leaving Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Gupta shocked and deeply hurt.
Two months down the line, seems like Sanjay Gupta has still not got over the hurt, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees caused to Kaabil. Last night, he tweeted a nasty message indirectly taking a dig at Shah Rukh Khan. Sanjay tweeted, "KARMA, you beauty! I love and believe in you so much. I love how you go after all that f*** with you. KARTAM BHUKTAM on Independence Day."

Kaabil director sanjay gupta tweets about the clash between srk and akshay kumar

However, this morning he chickened out and deleted the tweet. Guess someone advised him about it or he changed his mind? For those of you wondering what connection Sanjay’s tweet has with Shah Rukh Khan- here’s the story.
A few days back, Akshay Kumar announced the release date of his next film-Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and SURPRISINGLY it’s clashing with Shah Rukh Khan's next directed by Imtiaz Ali. The date is August 11 which means that the Independence Day weekend is going to witness another gigantic box-office clash.
The last time these two superstars clashed at the box-office was in 2006. Shah Rukh’s Don 2 starring Priyanka Chopra clashed with Salman Khan’s romantic film, Jaan-E-Mann co-starring Preity Zinta and Akshay Kumar.

Coming back to Sanjay Gupta’s dig at SRK, in no time after Sanjay posted the tweet, Shah Rukh's fans incessantly started trolling him, and finally Sanjay deleted the tweet. We wonder what happened there! 

kaabil director sanjay gupta gets trolled about tweets on the clash between srk and akshaykumar

Kaabil director sanjay gupta gets trolled about tweets on the clash between srk and akshay kumar

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