Kangana Ranaut Reveals All Brands Cancelled Her Contracts: ‘Whatever Little I Earn, Most Of It I Give Away’

In a recent tweet, Kangana Ranaut says that she refuses to do fairness cream ads, item numbers, and now all brands have also cancelled her contracts. Read on

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Kangana Ranaut Reveals All Brands Cancelled Her Contracts: ‘Whatever Little I Earn, Most Of It I Give Away’
Kangana Ranaut is quite active on Twitter, and ever since she joined the micro-blogging platform last year, the actress has been embroiled in several controversies owing to her bold statements. The actress minces no words, and often lands in trouble for that reason. Now, she has revealed that she gives away most of what she earns. While tweeting about the same, Kangana Ranaut said that all brands have cancelled her contracts.

In her tweet, Kangana revealed that she doesn’t endorse fairness creams. Doesn’t do item numbers or films with superstar heroes. She further said that on top of that, the brands have also cancelled her contracts. Out of whatever she earns, she ends up giving most of it. “I don’t mean to brag,I don’t do fairness creams,item numbers,shows,big hero films and now all brands cancelled my contracts also,still whatever little I earn most of it I give away and in return gain so much more,not able to express how to encourage people to give,that’s all,” wrote Kangana.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut has been hitting the headlines recently for her criticism of international pop star Rihanna’s tweet about the farmers’ protest. While lashing out at Rihanna, Kangana called her a fool.

In yet another series of tweets, she compared Rihanna to Neha Kakkar and Sunidhi Chauhan. She tweeted, “Yes please India wants to know, to simplify to Indians, she is a singer much like Sunidhi Chauhan or Neha Kakkar ...what is so special about her, well... she can shake her bum cheeks and expose her ass crack right in to the camera lens while singing..ya that’s all. Nothing else.” ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut Says ‘Itna Kum’ Reacting To A Report That Says Rihanna Allegedly Got Rs 18 Crore To Tweet Her Support To Farmer’s Protest

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