Katrina Kaif Admires Salman Khan For His Intense Fitness Regime

Katrina Kaif is fit and is very passionate about her fitness, the actress revealed she admires Salman Khan for his passion in fitness training

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Katrina Kaif Admires Salman Khan For His Intense Fitness Regime
Katrina Kaif is known to be one of the fittest divas of Bollywood. The actress has frequently shared pictures working rigorously in the gym or while doing Pilates. When asked about whom she admires the most in B-town for their fitness regime, the actor revealed that she thinks Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar as they are passionate about fitness training and work hard to achieve it.

Salman, on the other hand, is hitting the tabloids for his sudden activeness on social media. The 53-year-old actor has been repeatedly posting pictures and videos of him related to fitness. While in one video Salman is seen racing a horse, in the other he is spotted stretching his legs with his Bodyguards on the machine. The reason for the actor hitting it hard in the gym is mainly because of his upcoming film Dabangg 3.

According to a ZoomTV.com report, on being asked about her views on Salman's recent uploads on Instagram, Katrina said, “Salman Khan is a fitness icon. It’s so inspiring to see him passionately follow his physical targets.” “And he takes his fitness training very seriously. It’s just amazing how his passion for fitness is growing with every passing day,” the actress added.

When asked if there's anyone in the industry whose fitness regime she admires or thinks is an expert in fitness, Katrina said, “I think Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. They are so passionate about their fitness training and work really hard towards achieving their fitness training.” “I admire Yasmin Karachiwala, my trainer in Mumbai, who is nearing 50 and what fit body she has,” Katrina added.

The Bharat actress has recently announced her association with Reebok through her Instagram handle. She said, “It’s great when you come on board with a brand which is like-minded  when the beliefs and passions are the same. And Reebok, as a brand, it will provide a platform where I’ll be able to discuss fitness and its great role in life, the battles which women face in fitness, body image and so much more.”

Furthermore, Katrina explained, “Fitness, dance and other physical activities are a big part of my life and to be able to team with a brand which stands by and supports similar vision is phenomenal. It is an opportunity for me to discuss fitness, and curate interesting dialogues and conversations around fitness, women training, body image, amongst others. This is a big part of my life and it is great to be able to have a partner in that.”

Image Source: Instagram/katrinakaif