Krishna Shroff On Acting In Films: ‘It Is Definitely 80 Percent No And 20 Percent Yes Or Maybe’- EXCLUSIVE

Krishna Shroff opens up about what pulled her towards doing a music video and whether she now wants to act in films or not

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Krishna Shroff On Acting In Films: ‘It Is Definitely 80 Percent No And 20 Percent Yes Or Maybe’- EXCLUSIVE
Jackie Shroff has been a successful actor in Hindi films for more than four decades. A superstar in the ’80s and the ’90s, Jackie still continues to be relevant. Seven years ago, his son Tiger Shroff also made it in Bollywood and today, he is the biggest action superstar and one of the most sought-after actors in the Hindi film industry.

However, Jackie’s daughter Krishna Shroff didn’t follow that path. She chose to pave her own way into the fitness field. She has always been clear that she didn’t want to enter into acting. Although, a few months ago, Krishna was a part of a music video, titled Kinni Kinni Vaari. ALSO READ: Krishna Shroff On Being In the Public Eye Throughout Her Life: ‘I Knew It Was A Part Of Being A Member Of This Family And I Had To Accept That’-EXCLUSIVE

Ask Krishna, what made her say yes to it and she says, “That was something very different and not something that I would usually do or agree to doing. But literally the brief to me for the project was that I had to be myself. I heard the track and vibe with the beats. Although I didn’t understand the lyrics, the music resonated with me. And I feel that is why it clicked so well and worked with the people too as I was being myself. I am very big on staying true to who I am and doing things as my true authentic self and that was a message that resonated with me and the audience in the video.” ALSO READ: Krishna Shroff On Being Asked About Her Bollywood Plans: ‘It’s Literally The Most Annoying Question As People Don’t Realise There Is So Much More To Life Than Bollywood’- EXCLUSIVE

Earlier she had told that it annoys her a lot when people constantly ask her if she wants to be a heroine. She even had put up a story regarding that when she won an award for her fitness journey, saying she hopes now people will stop asking her that question.

But Krishna’s dad Jackie had told that even though her answer is no, but if something comes up that resonates with her thought process, she might say yes to doing it. Mention that to Krishna and she agrees with her dad. “Initially the answer was very much a stern no, but I think I am getting much more comfortable with myself and that world. So, if something clicks, maybe I will consider it, but still, it is definitely very much 80 percent no and 20 percent yes or maybe,” she concludes.  

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