Diljit Dosanjh Finds A New Fan In Deepika Padukone; The Elated Actor Responds

In a virtual chat session with her fans, Deepika Padukone revealed her favourite song, and it made Diljit Dosanjh's day.

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Diljit Dosanjh Finds A New Fan In Deepika Padukone; The Elated Actor Responds
Social media is a powerful tool. It can connect people living even 1000 miles away. And for our celebrities it’s a chance to get closer to their fans and admirers by sharing a glimpse of their life or through virtual interactions with them. And sometimes a lot of surprising revelations can come out of them, and who knows, someone might find a new fan through them as well. And that’s what happened with actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh.

Yesterday, Deepika Padukone seemed in a very interactive mode and taking that to Instagram, she had a fun session with her fans. She asked them to drop a word and she’d tell them the first thing that comes to her mind with that term.

The first word given to her was ‘eyes’, and the actress went back memory lane to her debut film. She recalled that when someone says eyes, she is reminded of her song Aankhon Mein Teri from Om Shanti Om. And talking of songs, when the word ‘music’ was given to the actress, she revealed her current favourite track. She said, “My absolute favourite song at this point is Lover by Diljit Dosanjh.”

Seeing Deepika admit to being his fan, Diljit was over the moon, as he made a post out of that video. He said, “Thank Ju @deepikapadukone Ji…  Mainu Hun Hor V Sona Lagan Lagg Peya #lover Song… And... It’s Nobody’s Fault... It’s a MOONCHILD ERA.”

Not only that, when given the word ‘valuable’, Deepika admitted to thinking of people close to her - her family and friends. And the word ‘ice cream’ took her back to her school days as she reminisced about the Wednesdays at her school when she used to buy a Rs 5 cone of ice cream from a vendor in the vanilla and strawberry flavour.

Deepika was also asked about her favourite movie, but the actress couldn’t think of any of that moment. Although, she did share the name of her favourite TV show, Ted Lasso. She described it as “Incredible. I love it.” Seems like the ever so optimistic Ted Lasso aka Jason Sudeikis has a new Bollywood fan in town. 

Image Source: Instagram/diljitdosanjh, spotboye archives