Kritika Sachdeva: 'Physical Assault On Doctors And Frontline Workers Is Completely Unacceptable' - EXCLUSIVE

BA Pass 2 actress Kritika Sachdeva speaks about the violence against doctors and frontline workers amidst the pandemic. Read ahead to know what she has to say

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Kritika Sachdeva: 'Physical Assault On Doctors And Frontline Workers Is Completely Unacceptable' - EXCLUSIVE
The ongoing conflict remains the biggest driver of violence and threats against the health care workers. The current gruesome incident of physical assault on doctors and other frontline workers has caught the eyes of many known personalities in India. Actress Kritika Sachdeva who we saw playing the lead heroine in B.A. Pass 2 has shared her disappointment on the ongoing thing amidst the crisis. 

On being asked about the current violence against the frontline workers and doctors engaged in Covid-19 management and treatment of patients, Kritika says, "Physical assaults on doctors and frontline workers, on any human being for that matter, is completely unacceptable. Amidst the pandemic, when the entire country's appreciation and respect for the frontline workers has soared to another level, the news of unwarranted attacks on them is appalling. All the medical staff in India and all over the world have been working tirelessly and selflessly over the last one and a half years, to save as many lives as they can. They stood beside their patients through thick and thin." ALSO READ: BA Pass 2 Actress Kritika Sachdeva Reveals Why She Tooks A Sabbatical After Her Debut- EXCLUSIVE

Adding to the same, she says, "We couldn't have survived these fifteen months without their constant support and the sacrifices they had made for their fellow citizens. Many of them lost their own lives while nursing their patients. So the least we can do is show some compassion, empathy and gratitude to them in these tough times to boost their confidence level. As doctors, they put in their full effort to save the lives of their patients, but it's not entirely up to them. Some patients get speedy recovery while others can't make it but this isn't the doctor's fault. Think about the millions of lives the medical workers have saved before attacking them for the lives they couldn't save. Strict actions should be taken against those culprits." ALSO READ: Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Give A Huge Shoutout To Frontline Workers Who Are Working Tirelessly In Times Of Pandemic; They Deserve All The Praise

Lastly, she urges people to not resort to violence. "Instead of attacking them, we should thank them for their work. Violence of any form, be it physical or mental should not be encouraged. We have to win the war against coronavirus and it will be possible only when all the citizens coordinate with the frontline workers properly," she says.

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