BA Pass 2 Actress Kritika Sachdeva Reveals Why She Tooks A Sabbatical After Her Debut- EXCLUSIVE

Kritika Sachdeva shares what she is up to now and what kept her away from screen space for so long, right after her debut

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BA Pass 2 Actress Kritika Sachdeva Reveals Why She Tooks A Sabbatical After Her Debut- EXCLUSIVE
Actress Kritika Sachdeva, who was the lead in the film in BA Pass 2, went missing from the circuit after her film in 2017. The actress who landed in Mumbai for a TV show ended up doing a film after the show was shelved for reasons unknown. 

Now talking to exclusively, Kritika shares what she is up to now and what has kept her away from screen space. ALSO READ: Soundarya Sharma: 'I Was Told If You're Not Dating An Actor, Producer Or A Star Kid, You Will Never Make It Big Here'

Speaking about her journey, Kritika says, "It has been an amazing one, full of ups and downs. I hail from Chandigarh and belong to a simple family. So, coming to Mumbai was itself like a dream come true and getting a big Bollywood film added to the happiness. Actually, I came to Mumbai for a tv show which I was finalized for while I gave an audition back in my college in Chandigarh. I came here and gave mock shoots, the pilot shoot was also done but after that, the show got delayed and delayed and finally, I don't know why but it was shelved. After that, I went back to my home. Soon after 4 days, I received a call from the Filmy Box Production house regarding an audition for B.A. Pass 2. I went for that audition and after giving 7 days of recurring auditions, I was finally selected as the lead." ALSO READ: MA Pass trailer out

B.A. Pass 2 released in 2017 and the actress has gone missing since then, ask her about it and she replies, "2017 was the year where things were going to change for me. But unfortunately, after some time of the release of my film, my father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I consciously took a break, as my family is above everything else. I was also the eldest child so it was my first and foremost responsibility, therefore I called my father to Mumbai so that he can get the best treatment. Through one and half years of treatment, we never lost hope but in the end, my father succumbed to the disease. We were in utter shock and sometime after that, the deadly virus corona happened. So, back to back I was getting setbacks in life. Yes, I was low at that moment of time as I couldn't bear the fact of losing my father as I was very much close to him and then everyday receiving some or the person dying made the situation even more scarier. As things were shaping up well outside around 2020, I understood that life has to go on and I can't be just stuck at a low phase in life. So again, in 2020 I started working."

When asked what the actress is currently working on, she said, "Yes, I have been working on some very good projects, and due to the situation now, they will mostly be released on OTT platforms. I don't have any particular characters in my mind but as it is still my growing stage, I want to keep on experimenting. I want to do characters that are strong and can communicate a message to the audience. But, yes, I am open to Ott and films. And It's all about the script now, as content is the king."

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