Mahira Khan Receives FLAK For Her Pictures Of Smoking With Ranbir Kapoor

It's all happening out there. Mahira Khan is once again in rough waters. This time, it's for her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor, which travelled wild on mobile phones last night. Naturally, she must not be amused. We wonder what is Ranbir thinking about all this!

It has not been even 24 hours since the pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan went viral on mobiles.  While most of them were amused to spot the two actors smoking away to glory together,  few others couldn’t refrain throwing brickbats on Mahira for not just smoking but her outfit as well.

What's weird is that the Pakistani actress, who made her debut in Bollywood in Raees, seems to be inviting flak from India and Pakistan both.

ranbir kapoor with mahira khan
Ranbir Kapoor With Mahira Khan

mahira khan and ranbir kapoor smoking
Mahira Khan And Ranbir Kapoor On A Smoke Break

While a section of the protestors are accusing her for not covering her body enough, the remaining are not happy that the actress has indulged in smoking.

We were the first to bring you the story and the pictures, yesterday- before all the drama on social media began.We now bring you a compilation including some of the comments:

mahira khan in a short white dress
Mahira Khan In A Short White Dress

One of the user @rizwanahcoowar commented: “R u serious?? !! Smoking is haram in Islam. Yuck Mahira Khan, you just lowered your standard in front of my eyes. Well actually you never even had a standard for me.”

@nayaab_yousuf commented: “Toba toba be sharmi ki intihaaa @mahirakhan.”

@siddingz commented: “Out of all the Pakistani actresses, I thought she was graceful. WTH is she wearing and doing!”

@dynamic104 commented: “My gosh!! Look at Mahira she is smoking!! She completely surprised me!! Mussalmaan k naam pe dhabba.”

@scrabella27 commented: “Wear clothes you can carry well Mahira.. shedding kayesr just cuz looks rather slut-y. I’m sure you get my point.”

@its_me_pooja_45: Smoking cigarettes.. Such a disgusting one.. Shock to see such thing from this big educated stars..”

@ppreeti02 commented: “Ranbir u can do much better yaa.. not a Pakistani..”

@imrankhattak12 commented: “backlessoutfit nd still u say that she wear good clothes disgusting nd also the cigarette uff..”

@sanlim_ghanchi303 commented: “Kaise kapde paheni hai es ne be haya..”

@s.siddiqua commented: Shame on you Mahira.”

Aage aage dekhen hota hai kya!

Image Source: imgur