Manikarnika Director Krish Hits Back On Rangoli’s Tweet: "I’m Sick And Tired Of Kangana. She Is Just Lying"

The war is not over yet. As Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli released an old Whatsapp chat between the director and Kangana, the director has snarled back

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Manikarnika Director Krish Hits Back On Rangoli’s Tweet: "I’m Sick And Tired Of Kangana. She Is Just Lying"
Ever since Kangana Ranaut took over the directorial reins of Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi from Krish, the original director, the film has been mired in a controversy. Krish is in no mood to forgive the actress and in an explosive interview to had spilled the beans on what went wrong. And, he gained great support from Mishti Chakravarty, who had a significant part to play in the movie, but her role was reduced to something very insignificant. Even Apurva Asrani, the writer of Simran resurfaced to say, “her game is brutal”. Then, Sonu Sood too vented out to a few journalists, as we await to connect with him. So, the bottom-line is- Kangana who is known to lock horns with people has hurt several sentiments along the course of the film.

Amidst this all, her sister Rangoli, who can also be called as her most trusted lieutenant has been speaking up in her defence. Now, she has put out a series of messages which were apparently sent by Kangana to Krish and also the writer of the film Vijayendra Prasad. In those sendouts, Kangana is telling Krish that she had requested him to see the film on 6th of December and she has also explained how Zee had refused to provide his version the logo, and at the time, she took over and cleared the mess. Then, in the conversation with Vijayendra Prasad she has written that Krish’s direction has not been up to the mark and in the end has called Krish a “coward”.

We reached out to Krish this evening. The man didn’t lose his cool, but gracefully said, “Kangana is lying. Clearly, if you look at the messages she sent to Vijayendra and still stored them, seems that there was a plan in her mind to take over and present these later in her defence. So, that it doesn’t look like an after-thought.”

kangana krish
Kangana Ranaut (L), Krish (R)

We told him further that Kangana was clearly downing him as a director, to which his voice rose slightly. Said Krish, “Kangana and I are both not going away from this industry so soon. I will direct many more films in future and so will she. People will know who stands where.” Clearly, Krish has thrown a challenge at Kangana. Concluded Krrish, “I’m sick and tired.” We quickly asked, “Of whom. Kangana or the controversy?” Krrish shot back, “Of both, actually. Kangana is just lying.”

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