Mira Rajput Feels This Shahid Kapoor’s Ex-Girlfriend Needs A Stylist

Shahid Kapoor, along with his wife Mira Rajput, made an appearance on a chat show recently. While the couple was at their candid best, Ms Rajput had a piece of advice for one of the actor’s ex-girlfriend...

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Mira Rajput Feels This Shahid Kapoor’s Ex-Girlfriend Needs A Stylist

Time and again, Mira Rajput has admitted that the upside of not being a celebrity is that you need not be diplomatic. At a recent chat show, Ms Rajput proved just that. Shahid Kapoor and Mira appeared on a chat show hosted by Neha Dhupia recently, and it is here that the latter had something to say about Shahid’s ex-girlfriend, Vidya Balan.  

A source told Mumbai Mirror that in one of the segments, Mira was asked to name one celeb who needed a stylist. Mira instantly said, “Vidya Balan”. Now, her answer came as a shock to many since Shahid and Vidya were said to be dating while shooting for Aziz Mirza's Kismat Konnection.

You may recall, earlier this year, Mira had made a comment on working mothers and received flak. Mira had spoken about why she doesn’t want to be a working mom, and how she does not want to play with her child for an hour, and then rush off to work. “Why did I have her then? She is not a puppy, you know. I want to be there for her as a mother.”

Shasha had then jumped in to clarify that her views were personal. Shahid had said, “When Mira started the conversation, she said those were her personal comments. I don’t think she meant to comment at anybody or any category of women. I think she was talking from a very personal standpoint. I think Mira is speaking for a section of women who aren’t being represented. There are times when those women feel like they should not be celebrated..by that I mean the women who may not be doing a job outside, women who might choose to be at home, have a baby, take care of that baby and consider that something important enough to do. This is at a certain stage in their lives. At a different stage, they might choose to do something else. Like I took five months off when I was having Misha because I felt it was important for me to be with my wife and my child. So that’s a choice you make out of a certain sense of independence.”

Now, we are waiting for Vidya’s reaction to the comment!

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