Nawaz Ditched His Lawyer Because He Wants To Go Scot-Free?

That's the burning question in Bollywood, and Nawazuddin's recent actions are getting extremely questionable. Also, we have a new Rizwan in the story. Read on...

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Nawaz Ditched His Lawyer Because He Wants To Go Scot-Free?

So, the simple question in the Nawazuddin CDR (Compact Disc Records) case is: If Nawazuddin Siddiqui's lawyer is behind bars and now his arrest term has been extended till March 23, how is it that Nawazuddin himself is roaming scot-free (or still hiding behind a curtain successfully where the police can't reach him?).

Well, if you go through  the Thane Police Commissioner Parambir Singh's statement in our last story, you will clearly see that Nawazuddin is being called as 'witness' now.

nawazuddin siddiqui with his wife aaliya
Nawazuddin Siddiqui With His Wife Aaliya

The new Rizwan in the story, Advocate Rizwan Merchant, who will now represent Rizwan Siddiqui, is like a cat on a hot-tinned roof. "Nawazuddin was a 'beneficiary', How can a 'beneficiary' become a 'witness'?" he demands to know.

Adds Merchant, "A lot has happened behind the scenes. Beneficiary becoming a witness? Who would be interested in spying on his wife (Aaliya) other than Nawazuddin himself?  I will launch a prosecution against every officer responsible for forging documents under 166 (A). 

nawazuddin siddiqui with wife aaliya

Nawazuddin Siddiqui With His Wife Aaliya

The police forged documents that they had asked him to report to the police station but he did not turn up. He was wrongly charged under 41 (A)."

Explaining why he thinks that Nawazuddin has not been arrested yet, Parambir Singh, with whom we again spoke a few minutes back, says, "Let us verify but it doesn't seem that Nawaz asked for his wife's records."

NAWAZ SOLOAll said and done, Rizwan Merchant sums it up by saying categorically that Nawazuddin turned his back on his lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui and turned witness to wriggle out from this mess. "I am confident that a lot of skeletons are going to tumbled out from Nawazuddin's cupboard, in days to come," he concludes.

This is a developing story and shall come back to you on this at the earliest.

Image Source: Instagram/ Twitter/ Nawazuddin Siddiqui