Neil Nitin Mukesh On Daughter Nurvi: ‘For More Than Half Her Life, She Has Lived Amidst The Pandemic’- EXCLUSIVE

Neil Nitin Mukesh, father of a three-year-old daughter Nurvi, talks about his concerns of seeing his daughter grow amidst a pandemic

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Neil Nitin Mukesh On Daughter Nurvi: ‘For More Than Half Her Life, She Has Lived Amidst The Pandemic’- EXCLUSIVE
Neil Nitin Mukesh became a father in 2018 to daughter Nurvi. In a week’s time, she is going to turn three-years-old, but the little one had to live more than half of her life till now in the lockdown mode due to the Covid pandemic and that is something that troubles and saddens Neil as a father.

When Nurvi was born, Neil was living in a nuclear family with wife Rukmini. But last year, during the pandemic, the whole family came together in their new home to live as a joint family. Now, Nurvi is learning traditions and rituals from her dadi and showing interest in taking the family’s musical legacy ahead as she does riyaaz everyday with her dadu. Just speaking about that fills Neil’s voice with glee, “I am very happy and proud of that.”

The actor goes on to say, “If I lived in a nuclear family, I might not have been able to inculcate these values in Nurvi as we are so busy in the hustle and bustle. The kids are anyway so much exposed to technology and just at the age of three, Nurvi is a gizmo gadget freak and she knows how to operate an iPad. The education is also online, so I didn’t want her to lose out on the traditional upbringing and want her to be a people’s person, just like how the rest of the Mukesh family is. We like to meet and interact with people. We don’t like disconnecting. And all those values are very important that I want to inculcate in Nurvi. She is at such an influential age that if I left her just to the iPad and technology, she won’t have a connection with people and family. As parents, we consciously decided that she needed to be around her grandparents.”

But seeing that his daughter can’t enjoy her childhood as openly as he did, saddens Neil. “I feel sad for kids her age. By the time she turned one-and-a-half, the pandemic hit. So, for more than half her life, she has lived amidst the pandemic. So, for her, entertainment is mainly the TV screens and the limited exposure she had with very few of her friends around. By now, she should have been into play school, and she has that energy in her and we need to give her an outlet for that. That’s why she loves online schooling as she sees new people,” he concludes.  

Image source: Instagram/neilnitinmukesh