OMG! Padmavati Plans To FIGHT Padman, Aiyaary CHICKENS OUT

Hope it does not happen, but if it goes the way as things stand at this very moment, Padmavati is not releasing on Feb 9 but Jan 25. And forget watching Aiyaary this month

Aiyyari has shifted to February 9. Anushka Sharma may have to shift her Pari slated for the same date, Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaary may not be a pushover.

anushka sharma in pari
Anushka Sharma In Pari

But why has Aiyaary shifted? Because, Viacom and Bhansali have just decided that January 25 is an optimum date for their controversial film to hit theatres.

padmavati aiyaary padman stills
Padmavati, Padman & Aiyaary Movie Stills

Akshay Kumar, we don't think, is mighty worried. It maybe recalled he himself had perched on the Jan 25 tree much before Padmavati decided to join him.

Remember we bring you this news right from Viacom's office, and you never know in Bollywood, baatein ek raat mein Badal jaati hai. So you never know, it might still be Feb 9 for this Ranveer-Deepika-Shahid starrer.

Image Source: instagram/aiyaary, instagram/padman & instagram/padmavatithefilm