OMG! Ranveer Singh Is A BTS ARMY Reveals Cirkus Co-Star Radhika Bangia; Says He Likes ‘The Way They Dance And Sing’

Radhika Bangia revealed that Ranveer Singh likes listening to BTS songs and asked her for K-drams recommendations

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OMG! Ranveer Singh Is A BTS ARMY Reveals Cirkus Co-Star Radhika Bangia; Says He Likes ‘The Way They Dance And Sing’
Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is known for his enthusiasm and fashion choices. No matter where he is or who he is with, the actor takes over the atmosphere with his energy. While, everyone knows about his love for cinema from all over the world, did you know he also likes watching and listening South Korea’s popular boy band BTS’ songs?

In a recent interview with Zoom Digital, actress and social media influencer Radhika Bangia revealed that not only did Ranveer ask her for good k-drama recommendations but also heaped praises on the septet for their exceptional talent. Talking about her experience of working with the actor she told the entertainment publication that he is ‘amazing, so warm and so much fun to be around’. ALSO READ: KRK Blames Ranveer Singh For Ruining Sushant Singh Rajput’s Career; Says, ‘SSR Ki Haay Lagi Hai Usse, Producers Ke 600 Crore Barbaad Kar Diye’

Being an influencer, who has built a career around her love for the k-pop, k-dramas and South Korean culture, she further spoke about trying to turn the 37-year-old into a BTS ARMY. She said, “He was like, 'Oh my God recommend some K-dramas' and I was like trying to make him into a BTS ARMY, and he saw all that he is like, 'They are so freaking good, like the way they dance and sing, it's amazing'.”

For the unversed, BTS’ fandom ARMY stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

During the promotions of the Rohit Shetty directorial, Radhika had posted a video where she was seen teaching Ranveer how to say Korean words. During the interview, she recalled that the actor had no idea what those words meant. She said, “No, he was not aware, he was just like, he did not know what I'm saying. I had to tell him that this means this, this means this, and it was just a random thing that we did.” ALSO READ: BTS’ ARMY Gets EMOTIONAL As HYBE Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk Expresses Gratitude Towards The Fandom’s Support And Criticism- VIDEO INSIDE

In the video, Radhika asks the actor to say ‘Oppa’ (a term used to address an older male), as Ranveer repeats it after her, she then says ‘Annyeonghaseyo’ (hello) to which he responds ‘Saranghae’ (I love you).  

Watch the video here: 

Talking about BTS, the popular boy band consists of seven members- RM aka Kim Namjoon, Jin aka Kim Seokjin, Suga aka Min Yoongi, J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, V aka Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. The band with their exceptional singing has won the hearts of the many. While, the oldest member Jin, recently went off to complete his military services, the other members are completing their pending solo projects before following their oldest hyung (older brother).

If reports are to be believed, they will be returning in 2024.

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