Padmaavat COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Karni Sena Attacks School Buses In Gurugram

This is the pits! Karni Sena has pelted stones at school buses while protesting for carrying little children in Gurugram...

After attacking malls and vandalising private properties, the Karni Sena has attacked school going kids. In a video that has surfaced online, one can see stones being pelted on school bus. Absolutely no heed is paid to little kids sitting inside the bus.

Stones were thrown at GD Goenka School bus which was carrying children near Bhondsi in Sohna, leaving the glass windows open.  The driver, Parvesh Kumar, said no one was injured and the attackers ran away when the police came. One of the teachers who was present in the bus said they had made the children sit on the floor of the bus.

Looking at the condition of the state, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal condemned  the incident and wrote, “Utterly shameful. More disgusting is the complicity of those govts who r allowing it thro their inaction.”

He also tweeted, “If all state govts, central govt and SC together cannot get one movie released and run safely, how can we expect investments to flow in? Forget FDI, even local investors wud feel hesitant. Not gud for already dwindling economy. Bad for jobs.”

As per reports, the protestors even torched a state bus in Haryana. Also the security at the theaters in Delhi has been beefed up. 

Meanwhile, the government of Uttar Pradesh has ensured full safety to the moviegoers. Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said, “We will ensure safety to the theatres and take stern action against those taking law and order into their hands.”

Security has been beefed up in Ahmedabad and police has been deployed outside malls in the city. Also the Multiplex Association of Gujarat and Rajasthan has decided to not screen the film. There have been reports that the ticket windows at Indra Cinemas, Jammu have also been vandalised.