Yuvika Choudhary: I Have Seen My Engagement Ring 100 Times Since Morning

Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prince Narula got engaged last night to Yuvika Choudhary. And the couple surprised everyone with the news this moning. And we spoke to Yuvika a few minutes back, and she readily shared all her excitement and marriage plans

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Yuvika Choudhary: I Have Seen My Engagement Ring 100 Times Since Morning

Congratulations for the engagement…
Thank you so much! 

This news has surprised us. When did it happen?

 Last night, we  went for dinner in Taj Colaba.A big surprise lay in store for me. I wasn’t  prepared mentally for this before going there.I was decked up in my casual clothes for dinner. Our families had accompanied us. We exchanged rings there itself. Suddenly, Prince said; ‘Pehanlo nahi to uthakar le jaaunga tereko, ab tu mana nahi kar sakti’ (laughs). So bas we got engaged and happiness was there on his face and on mine too.

Your engagement  made news for  the last 12 months…
Actually on Valentine’s Day,  Prince proposed me so, people thought that we are engaged and all that. Speculations are made and I really can’t stop anyone. 

When was the first time Prince expressed his feelings for you?

Since Day 1 in the Bigg Boss (Season 9).  He has been very open about his feelings for me from then.  He  has been constantly said one line ‘I love you, I want to marry you. You take your time and I will not force you’.

But you took a lot of time to give your consent, why so?

Good na?  (laughs). Being a girl I think I wanted to be sure if it is for lifetime. And I wanted me to know him better. I didn't want things to go wrong. Like in jaldi jaldi mein you get married and then later you realize, ‘Oh Shit, I have not seen his this side of  his personality’!

What qualities of Prince have impressed you?

He stood by me in my worst situations. Don't know but I got that feeling from inside that he is the man. Actually I am unable to express that feeling with you. I too also had feelings for him. But now I realised that I should not take any more time because it’s high time now. He deserves me. And it will be bad if I take more time. He has actually given his totally best. So I thought he deserve complete love from me. I want to show him now that he is everything for me.

What are your plans for marriage?

End of this year, we will tie the knot.

What kind of marriage it will be?

No plans made yet. Right now, I am just enjoying all the good  wishes coming my way. Since morning, I  have seen my engagement ring 100 times and still not able to believe that I have said ‘yes’. So many things going into my mind that ‘Beta ab teri shaadi ho jaayegi’. I am actually enjoying this phase and totally in zone of love and excitement. Let me get normal to decicde the date and other details.

Go on…
It will be a grand wedding. Prince jo one sided pyaar itne zor shor se karta hai, toh imagine how much will he put in for his wedding.

What kind of wedding you want?

See, I want both the families to sit together, discuss everything and decide. There are  lot more meetings yet to happen.

Anything you want to add?

I really want to tell you this. I never ever wanted to do Bigg Boss. I always felt that its’ not my kind of show. But then now I realise it was planned by God for me. I went there and met Prince. Destiny! Marriages are really made in heaven! Thank you, God.

Image Source:Instagram/YuvikaChaudhary