Priyanka Chopra Confesses Of Doing 3 Things That Kept Her Sane And Mentally Stable During The COVID-19 Lockdown

To remain sane during the lockdown, Priyanka Chopra connected with her loved ones, had a purpose crafted to live every single day and indulged in workout

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Priyanka Chopra Confesses Of Doing 3 Things That Kept Her Sane And Mentally Stable During The COVID-19 Lockdown
Priyanka Chopra in conversation with shared how she took care of her mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown. Like many others, she began the lockdown period by binge-watching and remained glued to her TV sets for hours, she shared this phase lasted not even for two weeks for her. Hence, the actress in order to remain sane did certain things such as having a purpose for every single day even during the lockdown, despite being indoors, working out and more. 

She said, “After that, I was like, 'Alright, gotta find a sense of purpose to stay sane. I think a couple of things that really worked for my sanity and my mental health were, one, having a sense of purpose every given day, deciding that I’m going to work on something that’s larger than myself, which is outside of myself.” Next, she decided to surround herself with people whom she loves- her husband, dogs and also remained in touch with her family via the virtual platform by connecting with them via Facetime.

“Second, to surround myself with people that I love. So I had my husband, my dogs, whenever I could include people in my bubble—but also staying in touch with family and friends, taking the time to put someone on Facetime and do whatever you’re doing and just chat. I think that talking instead of just binge-watching TV has been really helpful for me,” adds the Quantico actress.

Confessing to being one of those who ditch workout by giving out excuses, PeeCee also ensured to sweat it out during the lockdown, ultimately now it has converted into a habit. Now the actress makes sure to work out at least 4 times a week. “Especially with lockdown, we’ve learned how to do easy workouts at home, which don’t require a gym or a treadmill or a reformer, and it makes such a difference. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to making excuses again,” added PeeCee. ALSO READ: Nick Jonas Talks About The Life Lessons That He Learnt From Priyanka Chopra: ‘She Taught Me About Going With The Flow’

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