Priyanka Chopra’s Reaction On The Cut Calling Her A “Scam Artiste” Shows Her Inner Strength

International magazine, The Cut, published a disgraceful article tagging Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ relationship as fake and also condemning Priyanka. At a recent event in Delhi, Priyanka was asked about it and here’s what the actress replied

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Priyanka Chopra’s Reaction On The Cut Calling Her A “Scam Artiste” Shows Her Inner Strength
Priyanka Chopra is a global icon for a reason. Her utmost confidence in herself has got the feisty actress all the way to Hollywood and made her an International figure. So, when The Cut, an overseas magazine, published a downright distasteful article slamming the actress, calling her a "modern-day scam artiste" and accusing her of faking love for the International pop-sensation, it instantly received a lot of backlash and hatred from across the globe.

This morning, we told you how the publication pulled down the article and also rendered a written apology to the newlyweds and their fans. However, Priyanka made an appearance last night at an event in Delhi, where she was asked to comment on the article. Priyanka displayed a lot of grace in her reaction and simple ignored the entire controversy by saying, “I don’t even want to react or comment. It's not even in my stratosphere. I am currently happy at this moment and such random things can't disturb me.”
Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas

Now, isn’t that a befitting reply to something so shameful? The written apology by The Cut read, “Last night, the Cut published a post about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s relationship that shouldn’t have gone up. We’ve received dozens of messages from readers expressing their anger. We want you to know that we hear you and we’re sorry. The whole piece missed the mark. There is no good explanation for this other than human error and poor judgement. This was a mistake, and we apologize to our readers and to Priyanka and Nick.”

Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor came out in Priyanka’s defence and bashed the publication. PeeCee’s to-be sister-in-law, Sophie Turner and brother-in-law, Joe Jonas also took to Twitter to lash out at The Cut, calling the article, “disturbing” and “wildly inappropriate”. 

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