Rajat Bedi On Car Accident: ‘It Completely Destroyed Me; Tried My Best To Save His Life'

Rajat Bedi has narrated the aftermath of the harrowing incident that made headlines earlier this month, and said he feels guilty about it.

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Rajat Bedi On Car Accident: ‘It Completely Destroyed Me; Tried My Best To Save His Life'
Actor Rajat Bedi saw a massive setback earlier this month following a car accident which led to the death of one person. The actor’s car hit Rajesh Baudh in DN Nagar area of Mumbai on September 6, and Rajat tried his best to save the injured by taking him to a hospital. However, despite his efforts, the injured Baudh succumbed to his injuries and died. According to recent reports, the actor is still disturbed following the car accident and said that even though he wasn’t at fault, he feels guilty about it all. He has also decided to support the victim’s family in every possible way.

“The accident completely destroyed me. Even though it was not my fault, I am devastated, thinking like this has happened to me. I tried my best to save his life," Bedi was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

The actor elaborated his plans to support the victim’s family with financial aid. He added he plans on getting his wife a stable job.

“I took care of all the expenses, even the funeral. I will continue to support them financially. I’m just waiting for the police thing to get done, and then I will sit and look after the daughters and make some FDs for them. I have also got his wife a stable job, so that at least the family income will be decent,” shared Rajat Bedi.

The actor recalled the traumatic incident that occurred on the evening of September 6, and added that when the accident happened, he got out of the car to pick the man up. The people around him identified him as an actor and referred to other accidents that have been caused by actors. Rajat added that the accident happened at 5.30 pm and if it had happened in the night, people would have assumed he was drunk.

Rajat Bedi is hurt as well as shocked that people have either reached a judgement or are floating fake rumours, like he fled after getting the injured admitted.

“I was shocked ka yeh kya ho gaya hai mere saath, and some people just wanted me to say something about it. I was given threats by some people from the media, like if you don’t answer we will write this or that about you. Someone said that my car was impounded, which was not true, neither was the story stating that I fled after the accident, in fact I was the one who went to the police as well to report the incident… It is really unfortunate that you have to go through this grind and people’s negativity,” admitted the actor.

Rajat Bedi is best known for playing the antagonist in Koi… Mil Gaya. He has also performed pivotal roles in movies including Hero: Love Story of a Spy, International Khiladi and Hera Pheri among others.

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