Rakhi Sawant Has Accomplished Her Mission, Says ‘I Have Killed Coronavirus’- Video Inside

Phew! People in India can heave a sigh of relief as drama queen Rakhi Sawant has accomplished her mission of wiping off coronavirus from China. In her latest video, she reveals being chosen by PM Narendra Modi for the mission, followed by narrating how she managed to kill the deadly disease

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Rakhi Sawant Has Accomplished Her Mission, Says ‘I Have Killed Coronavirus’- Video Inside
Rakhi Sawant had taken a huge responsibility on her shoulders and seems like she has accomplished it. Just a few days ago, the drama queen had revealed of being on a mission to wipe off Coronavirus and hence had taken off to China to do so. Yes, we are not joking! Sharing a post on her Instagram account, she shot a selfie mode video claiming to be seated next to NASA employees who had provided her with medicines for her mission. Now,  once again taking to her Instagram account, Rakhi has confirmed to have wiped off this dreadful virus from China.  

What just happened? In the recent video she is seen wearing a medical mask and narrating the tale of her latest victory over coronavirus. She mentioned being the chosen one by none other than our honourable PM Narendra Modi for this mission. Really! We all know what a big fan Rakhi is of PM NaMo. Moving on she asks the citizens of her country to heave a sigh of relief as she has destroyed the virus from all the nooks and corners of the nation from where it originated.  ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Heads To China To Kill Coronavirus; ‘Maine NASA Se Special Dawayi Mangayi Hai, Virus Khatam Karke Aaungi’

Further, she mentions of being cheated by our PM, by saying though she flew down to China in a private charter plane, he left her stranded in China, as no flights from China are allowed in India currently. Hence, she had to cross the Great Wall of China, to make her way back in India and thus having no immigration stamp on her passport. ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Has An EPIC Solution For Those Who Don't Have Documents To Prove Citizenship Under NRC CAA- VIDEO

Towards the end of the video, she also mentions about carrying this dreadful virus along with her to punish the rapists. Asking the viewers to chill as its safe with her, she plans to visit Tihar jail when the rapist are locked and let them be affected by it, serving them right. ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Shares Her Views On Nirbhaya Rape Case As Hanging Of Four Convicts Deferred; Calls It A 'Black Day'

Image Source: Instagram/rakhisawant2511