Rangoli Blasts Apurva Asrani For Accusing Her Sister Kangana Ranaut Of Nepotism

Nepotism debate has spread like wildfire in the industry. A few days back, Apurva Asrani accused Kangana Ranaut of promoting her brother Akshit Ranaut and sister Rangoli Chandel in Bollywood. While Kangana is busy shooting for Manikarnika presently, it’s Rangoli who has taken charge to give it back to Apurva Asrani

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Rangoli Blasts Apurva Asrani For Accusing Her Sister Kangana Ranaut Of Nepotism

A few days back, Apruva tweeted, “I hired my brother as addnl (additional) writer on my new film. #Kangana hired her sister as manager & now promotes her brother. All guilty of #nepotism?”

And last night, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to blast Apurva Asrani:

"Drinking cofe n watching flms with your own little brthr is nt nepotism u emotionally illitrate persn.Thts cald Love .#sigh which u lack ."

"@Apurvasrani acid dsn't kill you it just distorts your face in a way that wherever you go people's jaw drops in a very sad way."

"@Apurvasrani Kangana nt only got my treatment done but saw to it that I gained my confidence back, she held my hand and took me to the sets."

"@Apurvasrani I m topper in M.Sc microbiology I didn't loose my degree after the attack but I lost my confidence and started to wear veil ."

"@Apurvasrani I am her sister and i am with her in that capacity, my brother is a pilot and don't you dare to bring him in to this."

"@Apurvasrani You are after your 5 mins fame which you don't deserve so please calm down and Relax."

What caught everyone's eye was National Award winning editor and scriptwriter Apurva Asrani’s Facebook post a few days back. His post stated, “While she struggles to shrug off multiple accusations of stealing scripts/hijacking films, they earn her sympathy with that stupid, nepotistic gag.”

Recently, Asrani also spoke to a section of media about the IIFA gag and interestingly condemned the act. Apurva said, “I think the IFFA gag was in bad taste and people are right in condemning it. But the nepotism debate must move beyond making villains of the privileged. It is a problem with the system, across all sectors, and we need to realise that we are all guilty of it. When we hire our trusted family members and friends, use our clout to refer a friend, we are all nepotistic.”

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