Richa Chadha Blasts Troll For Discriminating Against Boyfriend Ali Fazal

Richa Chadha blasted a troll on social media who tried to talk bad about her boyfriend Ali Fazal. Way to go Richa!

Richa Chadha has been hitting back at trolls from time to time. The latest happened earlier today when she lambasted a troll for talking about the her boyfriend Ali Fazal.

Richa wrote, "Shame on you... you didn’t find a respectable job? Pretty pathetic setting out to be an engineer and ending up as a hate monger on sale for ₹10? Must hurt no? I don’t feel angry,I feel sorry for you - I know I know the job market has plummeted. Tsk tsk.  (sic)."

 Ali Fazal With Richa Chaddha
Ali Fazal With Richa Chadha

Richa has been dating Ali since the past few years, and the two made their relationship official when they attended the premiere of Ali's Hollywood flick, Victoria & Abdul (2017) together.

Since then, they have been showing their PDA whenever possible - especially on social media.

 Ali Fazal And Richa Chaddha
Ali Fazal And Richa Chadha

In the recent past, when Richa was blasted for speaking up on the Kathua rape case, she took to social media to give it back to a lot of trolls on social media. Today, was just another day when she didn’t want to take sh*t from trolls on social media.

Kudos Richa!

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