Rishi Kapoor Hesitant To Explain The Uneasy Relationship With His Brother, Chimpu

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... One of the questions that haunts you, if you have read Kapoor's Khullam Khulla

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Rishi Kapoor Hesitant To Explain The Uneasy Relationship With His Brother, Chimpu

Ranbir Kapoor is bang on in his epilogue when he mentions that his father, Rishi Kapoor is straight as an arrow. Rishi  has given many evidences in his current bestseller ‘Khullam Khulla’ when he recounts numerous incidents when the phrase ‘beating around the bush’ simply meant nothing to the evergreen star. Be it his views on Amitabh Bachchan for not giving credit to his co-actors or his skeptical  behaviour towards Rajesh Khanna (his skeptical behavior towards Rajesh Khanna actually forced Raj Kapoor to opt for Shashi Kapoor for Satyam Shivam Sundaram despite Kaka being the original choice) or his tiffs with his best friends  - Jetendra and Rakesh Roshan – Rishi Kapoor mentions it the way it should be in his book.

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The same also holds true for his family. He has written extensively when he recalls the ‘nightmares’ when papa Raj Kapoor came home drunk and how he resorted to blankets to protect himself from the uneasy situation often witnessed between his parents. He vehemently defends and protects his father from the ‘lie’ that actress Vyjayanthimala uttered in an interview to a newspaper few years back. Raj Kapoor’s actress in Sangam denied having an affair with his dad which according to Rishi was not true. The incidents that Rishi  has recalled in his co-authored autobiography are what an autobiography should be.

But there is one omission that is glaring in his bestseller. Rishi fondly recalls the moments he shared with his brothers – Dabboo (Randhir Kapoor) and Chimpu (Rajiv Kapoor). While he  elaborates on the time he spent with Randhir Kapoor and has devoted passages on his elder brother, admitting that he has been closest to him, Rajiv Kapoor has not  been discussed at length.

In one passing reference he mentions that his relationship with Chimpu is an uneasy one. Rishi has admitted that there has been a distance between him and Chimpu which till date remains unbridged. He even goes to the extent of saying that he worries a lot about Chimpu and that he has not been able to realize his true potential. But Rishi in his book has not elaborated the reasons that created a bridge between the two brothers.

He sings paeans of his editing skills and Chimpu’s ability to play the piano without any formal training but conveniently skips the reason which made him drift apart from his younger brother. Uncles – Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor too have been devoted pages substantiated with numerous incidents that bring out the gregarious nature of the true blue members of the Kapoor clan.

One look at Rajiv Kapoor’s filmography and it's evident that despite getting numerous opportunities, Chimpu was simply unable to encash those. After having quit acting in 1990, he was bestowed with the directorial reins of the Rishi-Madhuri starrer Prem Granth in 1996 but luck still eluded him. Rishi  gave him another opportunity to edit his directorial debut Aa Ab Laut Chalen but that too failed to give impetus to his failing career. And then there were reports of him creating ruckus in an inebriated state on the highway road that passes through Chembur. Could these be the reasons that made Rishi Kapoor shy away from his brother? We would definitely like to know but for now these questions remain unanswered in Rishi Kapoor’s 'no-holds-barred' autobiography.

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